iPhone 12 Pro Max freezing

Im having issues with War Dragons freezing in all parts of the game. Even typing in chat sometimes the letters on the keyboard will show large like theyve been selected but wont type until I touch another part of the screen. Ive uninstalled the app and reinstalled. I cannot for some reason log out of the war dragons app as when I tap signout and the screen freezes. When I reopen the app I havent been signed out. I wont even tell you about the KW issues but Im told Im not the only person in KW issues. When i go to attack in a regular attack the loading circle will go forever until i tap the screen somewhere. Didnt have this issue with iPhone X. Cant send in a support ticket because guess what…it freezes.

Lord Zion

There was a known issue with iOS 14.2. Not sure if that could be what’s causing the issue.
I know for me personally the game is fine on my phone but runs horribly on my iPad.
Hopefully they’re able to figure it out for you.


You can also use the link to send a ticket outside of game.

Also, lots of people are complaining about event issues at the moment.

Yeah it wasnt working before 14.2. I figured 14.2 was worth a shot to see if it fixed it… NOPE. Now on 14.2.1 and still nothing. The game crashes on medium graphics. Says there is a graphics issue. Funny better GPU and CPU and still cant handle WD :smiley:

And thank you for the support link I will submit there.

I literally activated my 12 max pro about and hour ago. Everything seems to work perfectly. Do you try re-installing it? My first load showed all the files reloading again.

I think issue #2 is game wide. KW is just screwed up. Not sure about issue 1 I use GBoard. But tagging groups in side chats sticks with last message sent and you have to manually erase it.

My 12 pro max works fine also.

Maybe try reinstalling the game via wifi if you installed it via mobile data. For some reason installing via mobile data stuffs the game up - don’t ask me why.

You see why alot of us hate KW always happens with this event

I have the same problem. Support stopped even bothering to answer. Now, with the KW fix, it freezes every time you touch the store.