iPhone 7, 7+, 8 or 8+? Which one is working longer in the game?

Hi everyone! Folks help me to choose plz! Which one’s battery living longer in the game?

I have the 7s and am constantly charging it. :sob:

Both 8 and 8 plus have a longer battery life than 7.

Apple devices require the battery to be replaced about every 18 months it seems. You might want to take yours to the Apple Store to see if it needs replacement.

I didn’t know that. Thanks Elle :kissing_heart:

I think you can have your phone’s battery health checked remotely also by going through Apple support. Save yourself a trip to the “genius” bar. :wink:

I’ll try that first then. Our Apple Store is in a mall with a Disney Store so it isn’t so bad. :heart_eyes:

You can check battery health yourself on the new iOS.

Go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health (Beta)

This will give you percentage of your maximum capacity.

I’ve had my iPhone 8+ since it came out (September of last year I think) and I am at 92% capacity.

I player WD non-stop though lol.

Do u have some of them Lisarenee?

I have an iPad and an iPhone 8 plus - I selected the 8 because it has a longer battery life than the 7

Got it. 82%. War Dragons camper here too :rofl:

And does he heats up in game?