iPhone war dragons update

iPhone update. Everyone is freaking out on iPhone because they can’t find the update. All they have to do is close all the apps on their phone go to the updates tab on their App Store swipe it down so it can refresh and the war dragons up date will drop down.

It can take 24 hrs for the update to reach everyone. It’s not a PG thing: it’s an App Store thing.

Only really need to close out App Store then do the swipe down/refresh.
I think some think that just closing out the App Store refreshes it? Idk but yeah it wouldn’t show up for me until I actually refreshed it then it popped right up :grin:

I don’t think everyone receives it at the exact same time. There are times when I receive an update and someone else hasn’t gotten it yet but gets it a few hours later.

I am on my iPad and there’s no update for it yet.

Delete game reinstall game make sure you have PG password


no this is the second update i’ve had to delete the app and reinstall. ever since last iphone update it seems.

Wish that’s all it took for us android people. Ever since they release 3.0 several of us have mad major crash malfunctions related to the pVp island

I was stuck on a loop between the game telling me to update and the istore telling me there was no update. Closing out of the app store did not help but the swipe down did. Thanks! @lXTH3REAPERXl

ye have a buddy quit bc of android problems was never able to log in

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