iPhone White Screen when viewing Garrison

For several days now, there is a bug with the garrison view. If I attempt to scroll down (to see the rest of the list) the screen goes pure white. Only a full quit resets this.
It doesn’t happen with the Primarch list, only when I bring up the Garrison View.

Not sure if it’s my iphone ‘6’ or affecting other users.

Hi! Have you submitted this to support already?

Sorry, no. Should I raise a ticket in game?
I just wasn’t sure if it was a game issue, or just my phone… :sweat_smile:
Is anyone else experiencing this?

I’m not sure if it is a game or phone issue, but I would rather have it there so we can track the volume.

Your request (#469540) has been received


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I’ve managed to trigger that once on my Ipad Pro, but since I wasn’t able to reproduce I didn’t pursue it.

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