iPhone X - unable to see more than 5 prizes

I have been very displeased with support unable to provide any answers to date. Since the start of the new season, I am only able to acquire and see the first five prizes under any of the dragons, etc… This is making it difficult in events and a major problem. I am also unable to open a help request from within the game. All I have gotten for response is that it is a known issue and to please keep checking the forums. Anybody found a solution for this here? I am not having issues in others games.

I have the X and don’t have a problem, so I’m not sure what you’re meaning by only 5 prizes able to claim. Screenshots?

Please see images attached. Tried everything through uninstalling the game and no such luck…






The images helped the rest of us understand the problem, so thanks!

I’m sure that I already know the answer, but i’ll ask anyway.

Can you scroll down? (I’m guessing no)

Ooh so that’s what you meant! That’s super strange. Have you deleted & redownloaded? (Simple answer but it might help :rofl::grin:)

Ewww that really sucks sorry to see this.

Someone also had these issues when the new season style came out, but i don’t have time to search for the thread on it.

tap one of the prizes and then simply tap the arrow on the right side to move between the prizes until you reach the prize where you can claim.

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This is such a simple answer that it’s ingenius. Kicking myself for not having remembered this was a thing.


Unfortunately, no. Just go to next page but I cannot get gifts as that starts at gift 29, as it would if the first page showed all prizes. The second page only shows one row also. It is also odd that I cannot submit a help ticket. It all worked up until the new season launched.

Killer Frost - I did uninstall and reinstall with no change to the issue. Support mentioned trying it. Pretty much all I got after that was that this is a known issue and to watch the forums for a fix once they figure it out. I have seen nothing yet.

You should be able to keep on tapping that arrow until you reach the prizes you haven’t claimed.

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It looks like you replied via email and it included your signature, probably want to edit that out :wink:

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Oof, well this isn’t ideal. Thanks for letting us know - I forwarded it on to the team for investigation! :slight_smile:

Thank you Kinshiki (my apologies if mis-spelled). Update - going into a prize and clicking the icon to go to the next works and allows me to make progress. I was near giving up, which was a bummer as I enjoy this game. Glad I can make progress again.

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This issue has been occurring for awhile now. I have had this issue for about 2 months now. Support said it was a known issue.

Mine just started doing it today.

Was working fine before that

I believe it has to do with iOS 11.3.1. Cuz it was fine till I upgraded to that iOS. Now I have same bug

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It started for me before IOS 11.3.1. I have tried deleted and reinstalling a couple of times, does not fix the problem.

I have hte same issue now after updating my phone as well.