IrishDragons LFM> Sapphire 2 Level 200+


Language: English
Time Zone: All
Age Range: Adult only
Elite Account?: Required
Dragon Roster Includes: Minimum of Garnet Tier
Highest Lineage Dragon: Must have mythics


IrishDragons is a very active internationally friendly sapphire team, our core has been together since game release and we take the game very seriously, however we have a very fun atmosphere and even meet up and hangout outside of the game. Some of us have had trips to Las Vegas, and even Ireland! Next year some of leadership even has a cross country trip planned in the US to meet up with other members! Once you join our team you are part of our family! Come join in the fun!

We are are an adult team. We require participation in every event and war. We have atlas, over 10 castles both 2s and 3s and at least 1-2 of every shard type. We are part of a very active and supportive 5TA and hold many castles between us all so you’ll never run out of shards to farm.

What we are looking for:

• Participation in all events (We get the 1.2k Sigils reward in most events)
• Participation in all wars. (We have two per week minimally)
• Participation in all atlas events. (This is mandatory)
• Must be able to commit to training at least 1.6k troops per day.
• Must have a minimum of 50k troops to join. (Or close, we are willing to work with the right players)
• Must notify officers at least 24 hours prior to an abscence.
• Must be familiar with war waves or willing to learn.
• Ability to follow directions from leadership during events, wars, and atlas raids.

I know these requirements seem like a lot, but we are very supportive and will do whatever it takes to help our teammates succeed! If you meet all these requirements, (or are pretty close) and are interested in joining our family please send me a message in game (Dreyani) and I will get back to you ASAP!

Please Note: We do remove players based on their performance, so if you fail to meet team goals, and/or miss an event without notice or miss a war we will replace you, with or without notice depending on the circumstances.



2 positions will be open at the end of the event for those interested!



UPDATE: We will now be in Sapphire 2 as of the league change :slight_smile: Looking for two players to replace alts!



Update, we are full at this time but please contact us if you’re interested in being on a waiting list :slight_smile: We look forward to hearing from you!!


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