IrishDragons Sapphire 3 Recruiting

Looking for Active members over level 350+

LFM – sapphire 3”IrishDragons – 400+


Language: English
Time Zone: Any, We have members from all over*
Played time: Not important
Age Range: over 18 preferred
Elite Account?: Preferred

About: we are a friendly, active team, looking to replace a couple alts by next event. You must be active in events, and wars, including quests. Will look at lower then 350 if you are very active. Must love Atlas or wanting to love it and be active. Helpful friendly, fun.

Please contact me privately here or in game or contact lead or an officer in game. If you think u are exceptional and fit the bill please let one of them know.We are Sapphire 3 but moving to Sapphire 2 …

We still are looking for that special person to join us

I’m special… very very special :crazy_face:

How do u guys do in events with team prize and what lvl quest chest do u get?

Lmao @MOBmariah you can always join us we want special😝

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We are still looking at end of event to replace a couple alts. Message me in game or the lead if you are looking for a new home

Nobody looking for new team who loves Atlas, and is active and a helpful team and warped sense of humor?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Probably not Irish :shamrock: enough :man_shrugging:

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Don’t have to be we would love u anyways😝

Pretty sure y’all will tell me no

What level are u?

You might wanna check with merit and sat before asking that lol
But I’m a struggling 455

@IXxWOLFxXI Send in game email to Sat to discuss

It’s ok I’m staying with my team now, was having an issue of sorts but we worked it out. I spent 4 years with Irish lol

We still have a few possible openings. A bit more about us. We don’t have a lot of minimums, but want players that don’t need to be told or nagged to do their quests or participate in the event or war or anything else. Looking for those who already want to be achievers without all the team minimums.

I have been on a few teams, I understand minimums, but I didn’t like feeling like the game was a job. I wanted to do my part as a team player without being nagged or reminded the minimum was x amount.

If you are an achiever, don’t want the game to feel like a job and want a fun supportive team to help you grow and want to achieve without being nagged please message me in game.

We are fun and helpful, always trying to do better, but it takes special people to make a team strong. We are interested in you if you have these same goals.

Hi what’s the team atlas rank? How many tokens you get per day because of atlas?

Atlas rank at the moment at 253

We will have a couple openings at end of event, couple players leaving for break from game. If you are looking for a friendly active, relaxed team, please read requirements, then send lead of myself message in game to apply… Still looking.

We need one last higher level player before event starts. message me in game please to apply!

We will be looking to replace a couple inactives at end of event, would really like to find a couple of higher level players. Looking like we are finishing 1st this event, maybe second, 400+

Must complete quests and strive for last team event without being nagged. If interested please message me in game.