⚔️ IronAges P3 recruiting

LFM ~ Plat 3 ~ IronAges ~ 50+


Language: Prefer english if possible
Time Zone: Any really
Age Range: Old enough to play the game, aka 13+
Elite Account?: Up to you on if you want to spend money or not

Were a fun atlas team full of experienced players that love flying together. We get that life comes first, so we ask that teammates communicate with leadership if theyll be AFK from the game for long periods.
With that being said, we have castles in atlas and expect players help defend them when needed if theyre on. Carry your weight in events, meaning you get points in the events so NO ZEROS. I can’t say we hit 8/8 every event, but we at least hit 6/8. We do have a LINE chat, up to you if you want to join the chat. But we atleast recommend having your mentions notifications turned on in the game so you can be informed on whats happening with the team one way.

Thats about it at the moment, im sure ill edit this post as more information comes to me XD.

If you have any questions about the team you can reach out to myself or any othe member of leadership in the game. Or you can also shoot me a message on LINE, just do me a favor and let me know who you are and that youre reaching out to me about this thread XD.

My LINE ID is: soulstealer73

Should look like this if you look me up.

Still looking for teammates that would like to join before fort starts.

We have pool noodles to have a sword fight with, if that suits your fancy.

So come one come all and join us in IronAges

Been 13 days, oops :sweat_smile:

Sooo um. BUMP!

Were still looking for memebers! All are welcomed just asking for active players in main game and atlas! Under the level requirement? Reach out to someone in leadership and have a chat with us!

I have no affiliation or connection with this team at all, but if youre considering joining IronAges, you should. It must be a good team, considering how active and often I see SoulStealer helping random strangers find homes. And not even to her own team. I have seen my fair deal, or a lot, of leaders who are not involved, or plain abusive. For someone to constantly help out others in need, with no strings attached and receiving no benefit, imagine how much effort is put into teammates and the team as a whole. Why am I commenting all this? Because it is all true, the game is (and has been) slowly dying, and everyone should find a good team where they can enjoy playing.

Mad respect to you @SoulStealer73 and hope you are getting that recognition and good karma.


Still have room for players to join after the event! We’d love to see some new faces in our lovely team. Like i said in the posts above, if you have questions please reach out to anyone in leadership. Were always happy to help

Looking for mlre players to join before Breeder starts tomorrow. Were will to teach people atlas if they dont know much about it.

Looking for atlas active players that will defend castles when attacked, or those willing to learn atlas. But also take part in main game things as well. We understand life comes first and asked to be notified of any absences. Lets kick some ass together

Pssssssstt! Hey you!

Yeah you!

With the face and the eyes! Come here I have a secret for you BUT you cant tell any okay?

giphy (10)
Okay ready?

giphy (11)
You should totally join IronAges!
Well even prepare a feast!

So come and join us! Were a fun bunch that understands life comes first, especially with the holiday season just around the corner! But all we ask is if youre going to be away from the game for X amount of day that you let us know. We don’t want to assume youre family has had enough of you and pushed you off the edge of the earth.

for flagging reasons, the family pushing you off the earth is a joke. Cause family, even though we love them, can make you crazy during the holidays

Whose ready to kick off the new season with a bang? Well then come on down to IronAges! Wed love to have you! We all can huddle up together like penguins to keep warm during the dreadful frost!

Apply today! If you have questions please reach out! I dont bite, hard that is, and the others in leadership are friendly as well

Come one come all to IronAges! Come gather warmth by the fire on this cold winter day as we protect ourselves from the dragons that are ready for breeder to start.

We have atlas and are willing to teach those that want to know it. We just wish for you to be active in events, chat, and in atlas.

Still looking for people to join us. If you dont knoe anything about atlas, we will happily show you the ropes! Need input on your base? We got you covered! So come kick some ass with us in IronAges!

Bump. Who knows maybe one day this recruiting thing will pay off


Applied in game! Thanks!

Bumping again cause were still looking for players to join after fort.

Bippity boppity bump. Weve got 9 spots open, waiting for active players in both main game and atlas. And if youre new to atlas then well happily help you out. So apply today!

Bumping this thread again cause were still looking for some badass players that kick ass in events and are willing to work in atlas.

Only been a day but oh well. We still have 8 spots open for anyone that is looking for a team that likes to have fun, but also knows when to be serious to get things done.

If you have any questions feel free to message myself or anyone else in leadership in game, or if you scroll to the top of the thread youll see my LINE info where you can also reach me

Bumping cause were still looking for players to join us before gauntlet today.
No monthly kills required when it comes to atlas. Play as you like, just make sure to have some points in main game events thats all

Bump! Come join us in IronAges. You wont regret it :wink: