Is 2 lightning towers and a red mage viable?

Hello all,

I know 3 lightning towers set up is what most opted for when they go with lightning towers. I’m not a big fan of having section of my island not cover by red mage, can I get some thoughts and feed back on having only 2 lighting towers ?

Looking at the spells on this season’s mythics, there are zero red spells. So the red mage isn’t really protecting against anything.

It’s just the SS which is beneficial, but I wouldn’t worry too much about the lack of protection

EDIT: I suppose the answer would depend on your level and the dragons you most often come up against though


I’m just planning ahead right now. I’ve been going up 100 lvl every fort since I started.

These are layout of I’m thinking right now for when I need more towers in back section.

Howie, Cosmic, RM, IF, Plylon
Howie, Cosmic, Triple lightning
Howie, Cosmic, RM, Double lightning

** The front section, I’m thinking of replacing the blue mage with DF. Moving RM to middle. DF will be in front where IF is right now. IF will be in back where RM is right now.

** I don’t notice a lot of blink or blue spell lately

Lots of high end bases on the first small island have just 2 lightning towers and oreo and then 2 mage towers which are very effective. ( and as Juno said depending on what attacks your base )

But many actually opt for 2 blue mage ( or blue arch mage ) rather than a red and a blue mage.

Good thing with blue mage is that it is a hard block on all blue spells. Vs red mage which quite often the dragon can still use the spell and if the spell has offensive, utility and defensive features that only the offensive features are blocked.

Also as Juno notes above this seasons dragons don’t have any red spells that will cause you issues.


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