Is 3rd key possible?

A teammate has 2 keys already.
Needs 3rd key, has 65k rubies, over 200 bronze chests, 20 gold chests remaining.

Sigils that she hasn’t gotten yet but will, 650 for team prize, 1200 team achievement and another 300 for quest chests.
She doesn’t want to spend. I thought it would be close but 5-7k short.
Is it likely to obtain 3rd key with all of this?

5k ruby into sigil chest = ~1k sigil

65k ruby = ~13k sigil

Average conversion rates for sigils:

5k rubies = 1.1k sigils
10 gold chests = 200? sigils
100 bronze chest = 100 sigils

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I know 5k averages 1100 but she’s not going to be opening 200+ chests.
I only opened 40 chests, 3 drops over 1100/1200 and one was over 2k. My average on a small amount of chests well over 1100.
Obviously no one wants to depend on good luck lol

But I Wasn’t sure what the chests would bring her plus she still has about 2k coming, and the bonus chests for opening 30.
Yeah it seems she’ll fall short :grimacing:

If she has that many already, would it be not more worth it saving for next seasons mythic or…?

that would pretty much guarantee her a mythic with the added rubies and chests.

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And next seasons mythics will likely be better

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what bonfire said ^^

If it’s literally from scratch, zero sigils to 30/31k then I don’t see it as possible.

Even if they perform well it sounds like they are going to be 10k sigils short give or take.

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