Is any team exist here like this ....for 430

Language : English
Atlas : PvP CG swap lol I don’t think I need every PvP CG swap but at least once/month :+1:

Main game
Achivement : 8/8 at least 2 events
Quest: 10/10, 9/10 (1.2k rubies)
Ppl like to chat

Pls DM me here or LINE ID " pagal_22 "

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You are gonna get booed out of here lol


What he said :point_up_2:

There are plenty of event teams but in order to be on a team with the necessary castles to provide 1500+ daily bonus and guard swaps you have to be willing to raid and defend. Otherwise your just an Atlas mooch.

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This is a lft post… if you don’t have a place to offer to the OP, please leave it alone.

It is not mandatory to reply to every forum topic FYI 🤷

It isn’t your cuppa tea, leave it alone. If you are living in forums and can’t help it, point the newbie to correct section. You don’t gain anything by being rude/sarcastic.

@UniqueOne21 add the recruitment tag or ask mods to move your post that section of the forumns


I am simply pointing out that when looking for a team that gives a lot of eggs, u are often expected to take to battle in atlas and not sit around swapping all day. Like it or not that is generally true.
I cannot say if they defend/snipe/raid in atlas, the only info on atlas about them I have is they are looking for a team that swaps glory. If you don’t like my perceived tone that is fine, I can only ever use the information and experience I have.

@moderators post above made a good point that this should be moved to LFT section


I wasn’t pointing a finger at anyone. Only saying that if we are not able to get them a team matching their requirements, no need to teach them whatever our way is…

If they endup not getting any offers, they will know for themselves the expectation is unreasonable. If there is any team willing to take them, that means they are not wrong at all.

No reason not to be friendly. That is my point


Moved this to the right section.


Usually if a team has that amount of egg token, they’re pretty likely an active team in atlas which will make them not taking in players that ask for guard swap straight up in the recruitment.
It’s more likely gonna get him ignore especially he also not an end game player along with not having enough information about his atlas activities which makes it harder for people to want him

And what do you offer for atlas ? Your swap kills from glory swap? Coming on time for guard swaps ?:face_with_monocle:


Whatever required I can :+1:

Then increase your stats first ,it doesn’t even look like an active platinum worthy stats :face_with_monocle:stats as in primlevels, kill counts etc.

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We might be a good fit! We do 1 or 2 guard swaps every PvP. We do expect Atlas activity outside of that as well though.

Here is our recruitment post: LFM - P1/S3 - SnarlingPuPs - 350+ 🐺

We do CGS once a month…we are not perfect. Have Room. You Communicate with us …we understand RL.
Apply CelticWarHeros

You still looking …just apply