Is anyone else not getting XP from building?

I’m not getting my XP from building!

Did u merge towers?


Can you post your XP before and after (I meant the number, not the bar)?

Most cases when this is asked the player is getting XP but they have a huge XP debt before they can level up due to incautious use of merge or transform. When you lose tower levels from merge/transform you lose that xp too, and have to regain that xp (those tower levels) before you can level up.

Watch the “XP required” field carefully when you use merge / transform. That’s the amount of XP debt you’ll be taking on.


What if i have a 52 MILLION DEFICIT


I think you can get more. I’ve definitely considered merging/transforming all the things when I quit the game to permanently spike the account and see how small I can get it.

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As the other mentioned, check you actually exp bar to see your “eco to next level”.

If you have merged towers in the past, your experience to level increases, so you will have to build several towers before you’re exp bar itself actually moves up.

Here is some info on this:

If you have never merged or transformed it’s most likely a visual glitch that will correct itself and if not try support (I know that sucks haha).

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