Is Atlas actually coming?

So I was told if you had atlas you could get xp for your riders. But to get atlas you had to be in sapphire. So We went from gold to platinum and now sapphire. Surprise still no Atlas.
How do we get on a list?
Is it worth it?
Do we need to be in Diamond?

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Entry into Atlas has never been automatic upon entering a league… it’s done in waves. If your team missed out, you have to wait until the next one. The most recent post is below.

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Join a team that has it… not all of them are in Diamond or Sapphire. Or wait til whenever.

So according to that post it is done in the winter season? we have to wait 1 year?

But then takes away from the team, who wants a jumper? we all team mates. Just weird how some teams get more perks, does that seem fair?
Once you get it do you lose it if you transfer? if new team does not have it?

Atlas will eventually reach all of Platinum. If you’re below that you’ll probably have to move up to get it.

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I am in Sapphire 3

Unless you’re a time traveler, it’s still early March right now. The post says late March or April. If a team already has Atlas and drops leagues, they’ll retain Atlas access. As pgEcho directly states in the post, you’ll want to keep your team in Sapphire to ensure Atlas access.


You’ll probably get it in a few weeks.

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Thanks guys . LOL i read this

laserlight4d ANOMALI666
Adding teams from below Platinum 1? Probably when the next winter season starts.

I got confused
, Well fight hard to stay where we are or move up. Thanks for the update.

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You could join my group if you wanted.

We’ve had atlas for awhile now. email me ingame
if your interested.

Team Name :


Username :


You just need to be serious about wars, events and atlas (once you’ve joined.)
You are correct tho in assuming you get a lot more xp for singular runs at gold mines in atlas than ingame. We’ve been expanding recently though so if your interested let me know.

You can’t level season riders with atlas… if you never had atlas, you won’t have atlas riders

I would join but you guys aren’t accepting players who are level 63 or higher right?

@At0mic93 can you tell me if I fit the level requirements for joining your team, please?

Whoa, your team is still around? Not trying to be rude… but I had no idea

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