Is Atlas being throttled like IOS to ruin? What HAPPENED?

What has happened to this game @PGGalileo that has made Atlas basically unplayable? Every person you ask can tell you there are some serious issues causing more and more people to contemplate quoting the game. You can’t join large battles anymore easily. The days of 280 teams fighting on T5s with zero issue are gone. Now a castle comes under attack and as people join EVERYONE encounters the same issue; glitches where you can’t travel to any castles along the path to get to your final destination. Not being able to fly to the castle if your 5TA or have passage. Having to go in and out of atlas numerous times to see if your movement was finally successful. Then begins the next headache. Trying to launch the attack itself. You have to try 5,10,15 or more times to even get the most basic operation in this game, attacking.
Is this like a Apple situation where were being throttled down and the attempt is to make the game so unbearable you look elsewhere? What has happened to this game which has made what was working fine, turn into these current state of affairs? Just be honest and let us know if this is it. If the game is being ended, or why things that had no issue previous are the new normal now. Thanks for your time.


massive battle glitch isn’t a glitch … its a “feature” designed to get rid of mega alliances

it’s also a feature that will kill the game in record time. the number of folks I’ve seen leave the game recently is scary.


Has that ever been true? But it does seem to be getting worse.

I remember my first few months with atlas … I NEVER had problems like I do now. And I was way more active back then in the big alliance battles (despite being low level)

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It’s not IOS. Android is having the same issues

This has literally never been something that happened. Usually any more than 3 full teams causes some issues. Hell aligane rarely has more than 50 people and it’s a horrible experience.

Sure maybe the situation is worse now than before. But let’s not blow things THAT far out of proportion

nah, i remember those days … and i remember Aligane being packed full of peeps with no problems

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There is no way atlas at any point was able to manage a full 280 teams moving at once and performing actions without screaming to a halt. There is absolutely no way.

whether its 280, 80, 8, or 1…i’d like to open atlas and do a gold run…why dont i you ask??? cause there is no move option on any of my prims and other than the castles my prims are sitting on all other castles look unowned!!! please, for the love of god, stop adding new crap till you fix the old crap…this is beyond ridiculous!!! or maybe we’re the ridiculous ones because we keep thinking its gonna get better…

It is much worse I find a 5ta cannot play without lag on a unified raid. It’s gotten pretty bad … really it’s unacceptable for a war game I shud think. But maybe they are switching dragon friends

There was a way. We all played it. We all remember it. Don’t know where you were but we were battling with hundreds of teams on one castle for literally weeks. And zero issues. None. Zilch. Nada.