Is Atlas fair?- NO!

In my humble opinion, it is the cost of the Atlas Elite bonus that makes this game very unfair. The huge advantage of more troops, gold and crystals is given only to the players that spend a lot of money but not a lot of time in the game. To make this game “fair”, I think that theAtlas elite cost should be the same as the regular elite cost! I don’t think that PG would lose much and I fact may be more financially successful. There would be significantly more players with Atlas elite at any given time and the players who want to spend a lot of money to get ahead will still spend money. What is current average participation in Atlas Elite, I would be surprised if it is more than 25% of very active players.

TOTALLY AGREE. But you should have searched :man_shrugging:.

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You can cut the cost of atlas elite in half by timing your purchase if so inclined. If you buy it part way through the troop event before the primach event or the inverse, you will have more gold for both and increased hats for half of the troop event. All the while farming shards for the crafting event.

I know it’s not the same thing but you can progress decently

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Hows It unfair they paying cash :laughing: ur not money spending has its advantage either pay it or dont ur choice

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I’d bet the very active people most likely keep atlas elite and not the other way around as OP suggests. Why would someone pay that much and not take full advantage of the benefits by being less active? I keep atlas elite at all times and am very active in atlas and the game in general. This sounds like someone wanting to rant because they cannot afford something others can afford.


You have to spend Elite (that is not a huge amount of money by the way) and spend a fair amount of time to make it effective. Seems reasonable for me (that’s why I pay for it).
Not sure what’s your problem? That people to spend have advantages? Why spend then? If you are asking to make it cheaper, they may do, and reduce what you get with it. No deal.


Atlas elite is only one of the things that players can spend money on to get a huge advantage over non-spenders. It’s everyone’s choice to spend or not. And the game only continues to exist because people do spend on it. Free to play players do benefit from other people footing the bill.

The problem I have is with the amount being charged! Atlas elite isHUGELY expensive compared to the regular elite price. I don’t know what you call huge but I would call anything over 400% overpriced is HUGE. Just ask all the active players that don’t have Atlas Elite at the moment…

I think you have a good thought but bad execution. When atlas elite was announced there was massive anger about the cost. Not sure how the consensus came to be, but the biggest issue was the cost, not the benefits creating a gap between players. After all, main elite does the same and no one is complaining about that.

As a poor college student who had 3 dollars to my name a week ago, I don’t like how expensive atlas elite is because I can never afford it. But I don’t necessarily think they should change it.


The benefit is also a lot higher.
I’m ok if PG offers a lowered rewarded, lowered priced Atlas Elite - “Atlas Elite Lite”

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The price of atlas elite is really high and it almost feels mandatory to have in order to do well. The benefits you get with it is insane. I’d like to see them lower the price on it. The regular elite I ended up buying over a years worth because I saw it as worthwhile to get. I’d do the same for atlas elite if given the opportunity, but the price is too damn high!!

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So either the price is too high or the benefits are insane. Otherwise what you are saying is it’s a good value.

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I’ve said before, free players are the main reason the game has the problems it does :joy::joy:

I was going to say the same. If the benefits are insane, how on earth you can ask for lower the cost?? It doesn’t make any sense

That’s not to say I agree that the benefits are insane :joy::joy:. Personally I think the price is too high, and I’m disappointed in myself every thirty days.

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Free players are not a problem, nor did I advocate to make it free.
Obviously you did not read my post carefully and fail to understand the point : - A Huge advantage in the game for a huge price does not make it fair and in my opinion breaks the game. And if it is not fixed I will not pay for regular elite account either.

I say that somewhat tongue in cheek. But the assumption is if more players spent more money pg would have more money to deliver a better product (a big, and perhaps flawed, assumption I know).

Atlas elite does give advantages, but they are not insane. Even with elite, I struggle to maintain and generate enough troops. I never have enough shards. The only thing it seems to provide in slight excess is gold, which goes to the team bank.

Why do you think it creates such a tremendous imbalance?


Huge u mean double what u get like elite in main game :laughing: u like the elite bonus xp so pay for both elites who cares dont like dont buy its worth it protecting ur castles that oh hey also benifit u the eggs that benifit ya and shards that benifit ya

So either pay or dont they arent gonna go lower on prices or amount u get because its paid for its really not expensive and has nice benifits to it and helps with events