Is blast shield buff helping chimeraks shield?

I have a rune that I wanna put in my chimerak, it would greatly help, but it’s permenant and I don’t wanna do something that won’t even work.
Will this boost chimeraks shield damage etc or is it only for regular blast shields?

it won’t work.
It works only on explosive shield spell for dragons like Amarok, Danzig Hugin, Kaiju and all.
So DON’T EQUIP since it won’t work

Ugh, darn it. That really sucks. Well thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to find some rune that’s will aid My Chimichanga

What runes would you put on a chimichanga?

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Earthquake? Rage?

I have rare rage, rare wisdom, and some common resistances to some towers like cannon and lightning.

I read that wrong lmao.
:rofl: probably the legendary “hot sauce” rune and the epic mozzarella

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You know the resist runes only take effect should you actually have the resist already or equip the dragon with the resist as a spell…right?


Yep :+1:t2: no worries

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