Is bounty harbor getting better?

I got 100 gems yesterday that seems a lot more than usual, I then got one havok. Is it getting better or was that just a stroke of luck.

You must have got lucky , rewards still suck


I just got an evasion spells :joy:

If gems means rubies I’ve never gotten 100 from it before…30 tops for “first check in of the day”

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I get 120 rubies


I got 200 rubies

Someone asked if they could look at the bounty harbor, and they did.

I got only 15 rubies

I have been noticing that my prizes generally are more rewarding then when I used to get like 2 egg tokens :joy::joy:

First Check-In of the Day: 2 Cure Poison spells. Jackpot!


It is not getting better. There are some drops that are very rare, but they are what they have been for a long time.

I think it could maybe stand to scale, not with level, but with each check-in during a 24-hour period. So, the “deck” it pulls from for each subsequent draw is better than the one before. It is very hard to get 4 check-ins in one day, but it can be done.

Yes, this is not really grinding, but it does require a certain amount of timing and consistency.

I got 1 food for today’s first check-in of the day. :sob:

I got 20 food…

When you’re like level 8, those cure poisons make a big difference. lol.

The cure poison spell has improved a lot with research … regains a chunk of life.

Lol my mini account gets either 720 tokens or 500 Rubys every day my big account gets :poop:

:water_buffalo: :poop:

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I got that the other day 100 rubies and some other stuff. I got excited till every other check in has sucked as usual since then lol

It’s a pretty big pool of prizes. Some of which you have almost a zero percent chance of winning… But zero and almost zero are not the same.