Is Cleillis worth getting?

I think the legendary dragon this season looks pretty good, I’ve currently got it up to platinum tier and used it in the assault event. Definitely shreds towers much better than the lineage drags, and this isn’t always the case for new divines that come out. I think the spells are good, and the elemental resist is amazing- it resists all flaks (and a few other towers). So if you get spell blocked by an ice flak for instance, since most players use primarily flaks, there’s a good chance Cleillis will hang in there until the effect wears off. However, I would appreciate some feedback before I decide to invest in the whole branch. The only immediate potential drawback I can think of at the moment is that even though it has a spell that blocks mage supershots, since it is a defensive spell, if it gets blocked by an ice flak it will get nailed. Compare that to a dragon with some aoe spell that freezes the mage supershots in midair which even if it got spell blocked, would still stop it from being drained.


The dragon actually looks pretty solid. But even if it didn’t the line is worth getting for the 50% discounted rewards, so you can’t really go wrong here.


Is there any dragon that doesn’t get nailed when hit with an ice flak SS? (Genuine question)

Seems like a solid dragon, especially for people your level.

Hildr and Avernic can get their offensive aoe spells off before the ice flak blocks so they won’t get nailed by rage drain. That’s just two examples of drags I have but there’s plenty more.

(Also I’m on Eldrich tier, I just have Cleillis at platinum tier so far just to clarify)

Definitely worth getting, pop the shield slightly before you turn trouble corners then use awash to nail buildings immediately, works pretty well for me. If you have awash prepped in the turn you can get it off pretty quickly

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The line is worth finishing.

If you’re at a lower tier then the dragon is actually fairly solid, sporting elemental resist that we havent seen on a dragon since Gig. Her awash spell can hit 3 towers at once and she generates rage so you can keep casting it. Also she’s your only real option for a legendary dragon from the season. The resurrection will be outdated and useless and the festive will probably be bad and you wont get a full dragon at the same cost.

If you’re at higher tiers then she’s still a decent option to have for Crystal Caves but the more important is that her line is cheap keys to put towards a mythic. No reason to not claim it

Overall yes, it’s worth getting for everyone. Im going to try her out with Fera’s mend spell


Did most of Assault with this dragon. Just turned off autobattle and rotated its spells. Worked really well!

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I really like Cialis.

Highly recommend.

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It’s worth finishing just for the discounted keys cost. However, I do like Cleillis so far. It flys nicely both manually and on auto. Easy dragon to learn to fly and it’s very pretty. I’m a fan.

Also of note is that “Elemental Resist” gives Charged Volt resistance.


Must have dragon for crystal cave pvp. It allows you to setup base and clean it with low tier one shot spell dragon

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Cleansing waters is a great shield, but can be broken by howi supershot. Havent encountered howis with it yet so don’t know how it handels it. It’s an ice sorcerer just like corral and it’s a clear upgrade. Cleisses at max gold did the platinum 6 of assault solo and with ease on my first try. It can heal, make it’s own rage, has resistance & damage avoidance. On top of that Awash, the three tower disable/damage, doesn’t have a cooldown. And none of it’s skills slow it down.

It really all comes down to the howi supershot for me