Is earth flak worth on my base?

Hi all… I was ready to go with a fortification plan until some members of my team made me think of changing a few things…
The idea would be to switch the storm tower on my kill island to an earth flak (have the rss to go all the way to max fort, which will be 65 and also have the exotic earth hp rune).
If this is a good idea, should I put the leftover storm behind my howitzer tower?
Thanks as always for any advice…

You already have 3 flaks which will be hard to maintain therefore I would not add another flak. I would work on my existing towers and eventually with merging to get as many maxed towers for your level as possible

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If you have an over abundance of elemental embers then replacing your storm tower on kill island with an Earth Flak would be beneficial. Its really up to you if you want to maintain that many Flaks.

for the number of maxed out flaks(for your level) you want to have solely depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend in this game…


Everyone above me already took most of the words out of my mouth, but I would feel the need to put another option on the table;

You can also transform any of those flaks you don’t really care much about. Although this can be risky if you don’t pay attention to the XP warning, a mistake that lots of people, me included, made upon the release of it. If it says it’ll add a bunch of XP to your leveling process, and you aren’t really worried about leveling up that quickly, go for that. But if you want to shoot up levels as quick as you can, I would disregard this option and consider what was said by everyone else above.

You have a FF that I would change to an EF in a blink of an eye. You don’t lose many XP nor many levels. And make a kill island :


and you become the Boss :wink:


Cool… just checked, if I transform FF into EF will loose 1 level and 106k xp, not bad… and I should put the storm on the place that once was FF, right?
Also will gain a bunch of levels because will need to bring to 65 the tower, and I was running out of options to level up…

When you want to transform a tower into the same type, it’s generally better to build and merge.

As an example, if you build a level 10 sf (for storm flak to prevent confusion with electro flak) and merge your fire flak and level 27 red mage, you would get a 54 sf for an xp cost of 54k. An even better deal would be to merge your fire turret instead of the red mage, you can get a level 58 earth flak for 14 Kxp. I’m sure you can find an even better deal if you play with merging tool

I get your point… but wouldnt hurt me on the long way to get rid of my turret? Would need when move to long island, no? Or I merge and start building a new fire turret?

Currently you need around 160k shard to get a turret from lv 1 to 100 so it’s not really sustainable because there’s barely anyway that you can suitability get enough best gold and platinum chest and a tiny bit from season line

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So you are saying that is better to simply transform fire to earth and deal with a loss of 108k xp, right?

Thanks for all help… Now I need help deciding best runes… since I can only use 2, out of those 3, which should I use?

Mythic Dark Flak HP
Mythic Ice Flak HP
Exotic Earth Flak HP

Thanks again!

Dark HP and Earth HP for runes.

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