Is Equestor basically Kinnarus redux?

This morning I watched a level 16 Equestor flatten my boosted base with half health still left over at the end.

It went something like this;. My slow down island was hit by white lighting and gone instantly. My warm up island was hit by white lighting and gone instantly. My killer island was a little tougher. He had to hit it with white lighting twice before it was gone.
Once more for my last line of defense group, and twice to dispatch the farms.

My base is well designed for it’s level and boosted is 4M defense. L16 Equestor should be about 2.5M attack. He should have had to work a lot harder to get through and probably should have needed a second dragon to finish.

On paper Equestor doesn’t look that good. As I recall neither did Kinnarus. But Kinnarus turned out to be one of the most OP dragons of all time.

So is Equestor basically Kinnarus with a white “I win” button?


This just. No.


Just in case anyone else was wondering what a slowdown Island is and warmup islands are:

Just as a heads up, you don’t want your totem out front (player J flashbacks anyone?) as it will lose its debuff once it’s destroyed.
Also, your “warmup Long Island” is a junk island (underleveled towers that pretty much every dragon loves, especially kin and Eq). You’re better off focusing on leveling 10 towers and only 10 towers so your towers aren’t underleveled for your level.
Lastly, Eq is a more offensive kinnarus, but more vulnerable since there’s no consistent shield. There’s a ton of evaluation on his kit in the spell reveal and drag reveal threads, so I’m just giving you two basic highlights.
If you take away his rage for Tbolt, and have a flak and storm, he hits a wall and drops. That said, he is like kinn where he’s likely to take an undefended base, especially an underleveled base.
Edit: also, what red said about kinnarus being OP. Kinn makes it painfully clear what stage your base is in. If she can clear it defended, it’s underleveled. If she flops maybe killing one tower? It’s doing alright.


At low and medium level, divine is a bit OP. But when it comes to high lv base, then you ll realize divine is just…dragons

There is no low, medium or high level base concept for dragon being OP.
Even if you keep your base towers maxed out and properly set up on lower levels say 50, it will drop those so called OP dragons. The thing is people realise their mistake when they start touching higher base levels say 100+.




Correct for a totem being used as a totem. Mine is not being used as a totem. I quit leveling it a long time ago as totems are junk. I wish I had put the fragments into a second DF or FF instead. As it is its just a dummy target - something for them to shoot at. All this does is slow them down long enough for me to drop supers on my mages in the warm up island. It serves no other purpose.

Correct - although it does do some damage, its not really intended to stop anything. These are all towers I have stopped leveling. Instead of putting them in storage, I put them all in one island. Does a little bit of damage and forces the attacker to consume rage (or else Ill consume it for them with the mages).

All that junk in the first two islands is less than 20% of my total base. The real fun starts on the back small island. Currently 27 is my max tower level, although it will be going up to 30 on all of those towers in the next building event.

However this is kinda off topic since this is basically base design topics. Im talking about Equestor being basically Kin with slightly different spells. I passed on Kin and wished I hadnt. Maybe I wont pass on Equestor.

Putting all of that base advice behind (but we really shouldn’t)…Kinn and Eq are similar, but not terribly so. If you like a dragon, just get it. None of the dragons this season are particularly amazing though.


In my opinion it would be much better to change the base design and use at least 1 stormtower for future.
I would group my strongest line ( protected with the storm) at the 2nd first island…

At first a couple of mages would be to drain energy.
This map is a help for all enemys… Tooo much of lower same weapons at start , so supershots will be out when you really need them at stronger steps…

Btw i am no friend of farms at last … you could put at least 3 a step before , protected by red mage for example…

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Im 108 ans my max is 31/32 you shoukd probably put some in storage and upgrade storage mor

Yes neglecting storage for too long was my biggest noob mistake. These days I upgrade storage 3 times back to back between every building event and still its only enough for towers to go up like 2-3 levels each building.

Keep this in mind kids - max your storage while your young or you will be perpetually storage limited later.


Honestly though i think your base design is a bit weird as i have very few problems with kinn or eq and if i defend neither can do a lot


Your base has too much same type towers. store them away. They are just playing field for any dragons.
Your long island does nothing but to add % to the destruction. At your level, 15 tower layout is the best.
And yes, for any low levels, Sorcerers will feel very powerful if not defended. so :man_shrugging:


I think your analogy for kinn and eq is fairly good.

Basically undefended the base will be a walkover, and defended the dragon will die if base setup to stop casters. Similar to Borg(divine) all seems rosy till the base has a defender and storm.

Unlike kinn there is no invul bubble and thus I dont think it will feel that strong for most players - it will kind of be like playing a warrior - either you facerolling the base or dying miserably, no skill differentiation.

Mines obs tier and fun but nothing wow. I can post some vids of me dying if anyone interested :joy:

(Lastly re your base. Putting a totem out front allows wings to build rage, putting junk islands in front allows dragons to approach your real base with 7 rage. Aka pre cast spell and a full bar. Its probably not an issue for now, but worth fixing so you dont get caught pants down as you move up in levels.)


I want to see Eq videos! :grin:

Lets make it clear - Equestor is NOT Kinnarus.
A sorcerer without a shield is not that great in my book. If Equestor’s familiar would have shielded him like the one of Marianas or Rhyo does, Equestor would have been amazing ! But, it isn’t doing that. It acts like Kinarus/Apophet dodo/shadow. So, all it needs is a Flack/Fire tower hit and he’s done. While Kinarrus, once the blue tower is out, can engage the invincibility shield and put himself in a somewhat safe position.

As for Kinarus being OP, it depends what you mean by it. Yes, at low level bases, Kinarus is ruling the sky. Once the towers start to be higher level, Kinarus is just a sorcerer with a dodo, sure thing, but not an OP dragon.

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Level 102 is considered low level? What is consider mid and high level then? :flushed:

Taking down kinnarus has become so formulaic that he is becoming unusable when you need a reliable dragon - I see a ton of bases using this tactic. On first small island of base, blue mage, red mage, dark flak, storm and any other high leveled tower of choice (often ice turret or fire flak). Basically block the dodo on the storm tower (its the first thing the dodo goes after, so it keeps your mages alive longer), mages block all of kinnarus’ defense capabilities and the dark flak incinerates him with ease. Equestor won’t be too different with higher level towers, the white spell really doesn’t change much if he can’t take out the dark flak quickly, and without defense, a high level dark flak will still incinerate him with ease.


Yes, a 102 level is low in my book. Mid to high start from level 180-200. Your base has flaws in it, especially considering Kinarrus is your enemy. MaQleod gave you some inputs about what you have to do to take down Kinarrus. I’ll sum it up here: high level Storm, high level Blue mage and high level Flack tower. All of them being protected by a mid to high level Red mage —> Kinarus is dead.

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Hmm. Equestor wont break any op records, but fairly fun to fly for a sorcy as he plays a bit more offensively.

Cant comment on lvl 60 towers since I’m not at expert but i reckon he will solo them, but not defended aka like kinnarus

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