Is Equestor basically Kinnarus redux?


Just a thought, if you gotta design your base a certain way to defend itself against a certain dragon … that dragon is something special.

I went for Kinnarus for Dodo. That featherless beast is so cute! :heart_eyes:


You are absolutely wrong, as long as your base is good, your base needs atleast 2 dragons to kill unless its Necryx or extremely skilled filer with hunter. I am level 64 and most level 70s with third spell on divine unlocked have hard time soloing it undefended.


Just not OP. If you call Kinnarus OP, then idk what would you call Necryx.


Necryx would be a god


I consider myself a mid level player, when you consider that the highest level is what now? 550-600?


I call Nec ugly. That’s why I refused to get it. It’s a game to be enjoyed, I don’t wanna see that ugly thing on my roster. :rofl:


I hate Kinnarus! And i will try to kill any Kinnarus till level 12 which comes to attack me unless i am offline. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And frankly, the only thing i hate about Necryx is the spear.


Mine is 21 now. I would come visit your base but dunno who to find you. :rofl:


Judging someone by his looks makes you lose a lot. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thats why i said it “a bit”. Don’t compare the amount of people posting on 4rum with the actual people in game.
These divines are "a bit " OP not because their spell sets are OP, but due to the lack of information and experience of low lv ppl on base setting. Flying divine at low lv require less skill than normal dragons in line also.
At your level, people start realizing their mistake and rebuild base. Then divines are just dragon with “even less a bit” advantage


To each his own I suppose.

Personally, idgaf what the dragon looks like. I get my enjoyment from the game by kicking the holy crap out of your base with my nearly invincible Necryx. :man_shrugging:t3:


We all have our priorities. :smirk:


Lool yup…I wonder when the regret of not choosing Necryx will set in for u though🙂


Should be soon. I was able to last-minute get necryx (went Gargula) to platinum stone (I’m only lvl 84 so willl still last me a bit) and I hate myself every time I think about it


I’m sure a better dragon will come along within a season of two. :sunglasses:


Same here. I got Spindra Sapphire and only got Necryx till gold! I hate the fact that i didn’t get mythic elemental barrier


But what if it’s ugly😂


You really only see it from the butt end… So if it got an ugly butt then you’re in trouble! :joy:


Weren’t you suppose to define the warm up and slow down? I just saw a very good critique of a bad base


That’s not going to last you very long.