Is Equestor basically Kinnarus redux?


The ugly beast will have to find residence elsewhere. Most likely on my team mates’ roster, their priorities differ from mine. :exploding_head:


Slow down is literal junk. Often times a single tower. Placed ahead of your base, sometimes FAR ahead of your base, to buy a defender time to drop their supers in an intelligent way even when PG does their infamous “network delay”. Lots and lots and lots of people are doing this. I might be the first person to coin the phrase “slow down island” but I did not invent the idea. Any time you see a single level 1 archer or something sitting at the very beginning of the base and then several empty islands before the real base begins, thats a slow down island strategy.

Some people may say that the slow down island strategy is not wise because it gives time to build rage. However this point of view neglects research. With research most players over level 100 start with full or nearly full rage anyway, so it doesn’t matter. The additional time to place supers is far more valuable than whatever little bit extra rage they might build.

Warm up island on the other hand is not common. I might be the only person using the strategy but it works well for me. I have a whole island full of towers that I am no longer leveling. Stuff that would usually be in storage for most people. This island is out in front of my real base. While the towers are low power, they are still strong enough to do some damage. Dont waste your super shots on these towers, except for the mages, but it does do a little damage to the attacker and more importantly forces them to consume rage. Almost no one who ever attacks my base leaves that first group of towers without casting a spell or two. And often times they get hit with a mage or two. it makes my killer island more effective by drastically increasing the chances that they will be low or out of rage when they get to it.


To the original subject of my post - is Equestor more powerful than its peers at comparable levels? The answer appears to be yes;

Today I was hit by a person flying a L18 Chim, boosted, and a L18 Sage, boosted. My base, the same exact base shown above, shot down the L18 Chim and did 50% damage on the L18 sage with no defender.

Recall that I said in my original post that the L16 Equestor walked through my base with 50% health left over at the end. Since the base was exactly the same configuration both times, the relative effectiveness of the dragons can be directly related.

Therefore 50% of L16 Equestor = L18 Chim + L18 Sage / 2

That makes a whole L16 Equestor as strong as two L18 Chims and a L18 Sage combined. In other words Equestor is much much stronger than its peer dragons, at least in the gold dragon tier.

This matches my previous experience trying to defend against Kinnarus, who also was much much stronger than its peer dragons, at least in the green dragon tier. It was interesting to note how many high levels thought that Kinnarus was not OP, and in fact easy to shoot down. I guess that just illustrates that a dragon that is severely OP in the midlevels may not be worth a damn in the high levels. The game does not progress linearly and things that work at one level don’t work at another, so you have to constantly grow and adapt. But if you find yourself currently in the gold tier range, expect Equestor to seem way OP i guess.


First you’re comparing warrior to sorcerer, not a super even comparison.

Next, typically these dragons feel “OP” at the lower levels because lower level bases are usually sub par. At the competitive or higher level, bases are a bit better so that may be why so many higher levels say they aren’t OP.


Actually I am comparing effectiveness. Effectiveness is agnostic to type.


It is not the effectiveness of the dragon that you are proving @fyreflie so much as that your base is more susceptible to a particular dragon. Someone with a different base design could have the opposite results.


If I’m the one personally defending my base, my mage drain island works as a “slow down island” as I can’t get in fast enough to get through the “network delay” to trigger anything on the mage drain island (but others that don’t have the network issues that are defending me can use it). So I just go right to the main towers after that to set supershots.

The problem with what you’re suggesting and referencing the rage research is that it only holds true for round 1 of the fight. Using your base as an example let’s say I leave your totem untouched and take out everything else and die with little rage left when I hit your “real base,” my 2nd dragon now starts back in front of your totem and with killing that at the last moment I can coast along rebuilding rage until I (or a follower) reach your “real base” again, this time with rage to play with. Same theory with those that put a single tower at the very beginning of a base (but with even more time to build more rage).


I understand what you’re saying re warm up island. That’s because most flyers don’t look at bases before they attack. If I ran your base I would be approaching your small isle with full or close to full rage because your warm up island towers won’t hurt me. But for a lot of flyers out there yes they will consume rage for nothing.

It’s good that you’ve stopped levelling those towers. You should have level 30 and 31 towers by now. Keep going! :+1:


I do the same on my alt as it’s on android :roll_eyes:
You’d be surprised how effective it is as people just can’t resist hitting the tower. I leave a level 1 ballista up front and it always (100% record so far) gets destroyed by the first flyer… :joy: this means I can charge up my rage drain then move back to main to charge more. You should try it.

If you use a mage it’ll work even better as even experienced flyers will kill it as they won’t risk it going off. I just haven’t bothered changing mine yet.


Warms up the dragons and makes them full of rage


:rofl: Forums, every morning I get to read them, are amazing. :slight_smile:


Lol! Kinn most OP dragon… Come on! I’d chose Borgian over him over and over again!


Meanwhile these people get to vote on how to rebalance the game rofl


:rofl::rofl::rofl: You know Coach I was thinking the exact same thing as I was reading this.


It’s funny because I just wrote a post on a Dark Flak Tower Balancing thread yesterday…

Oh well…


I don’t want to say more, but there were not the gamers who chose the spells set on Nydyr. It was PG ! I am sure there were many other propositions way better than the end result, but PG chose to put those. Why ? Because it was a add on dragon and they didn’t want to make it a stronger dragon than the seasonals.

I do agree though that an input from the gamers base is well taken and need to be heard. But in the end, PG is the one who makes the last move. It is now up to him to make it right.


PG chose last 5 dragons that people voted on. People managed to vote for the worst dragon out of 5 options because it had “cool” spells that they have never seen yet at their level (20)…


I love Kin, she’s perfect for my level. :heart_eyes:

However, in regards to votes and stuff. Maybe Pocket Gem is considering the percentage of players. For example, the amount of 2-3 year players might be about 5% of the War Dragons population. While the one year and less might be 75%. Who should they try to please then? :see_no_evil:


The changes being made on Dark and Fire flak and Fire Turret that are in question right now:

Who the changes affect:

99% of the change will affect the people that played for 2-3 years or more, in your percentages 5%.
1% of the change will affect the people that played less or equal to 1 year, in your percentages 75%.

Why should you have a say on something that is not going to affect you at all or only 1% only so when you get to the point where it does affect you you realize that what you chose year or 2 years before was a wrong choice because you were uninformed about the issue.

Again, this is off topic for this thread but just had to give you an example why your (and I don’t mean your exactly, I mean people that populate the categories you made) opinion should NOT weigh the same as someone that has played the game for 3 years and is actually affected by the upcoming change.


Not exactly the situation I remember. PG chose 5 bad pairs of spells - based on the stories that came with the spells rather than the potential of the pair presented by the gamers as I could see at the time - and people were forced to vote the “lesser bad” one. If I remember correct, there was a tiny number of people voting. But hey, I am an old guy, I might not remember things correctly.