Is Equestor basically Kinnarus redux?


You are correct. But instead of people voting for the best bad dragon they managed to vote for the worst bad dragon…


Sounds like taxes…



I understand your point. Still Pocket Gems has a problem … kind of like siding with your mom or your bride. :face_with_monocle:


No the problem is exact opposite… They aren’t siding with the “mom’s” and “brides”… They are giving too much control to people that are uninformed…

Instead of making some type of focus group consisted of seasoned players to test and elaborate changes they ask the whole player base which lets be frank, 80% of people are uninformed about the situations…


While I understand what you are saying, I also don’t think completely dismissing them is the appropriate approach either.

Yes, a player who has played a long time and reached a higher level is more likely to have a better foundation for their opinions. However, this is not a guarantee, nor does it necessarily make the opinions of those without long term experience invalid. IMO it is just as important to make sure that the game flows well for those that have no clue what they are doing, as it is to make sure that it works smoothly for those that are experts. That doesn’t necessarily mean it should work exactly the same way, but if you have a large portion of your population who has no clue what they are doing trying to use Ballistas for example, that tells you that people are interested in using them and that perhaps we should consider ways to make them more viable instead of simply dismissing their feedback all together because Ballistas are currently useless towers.

Even discussing something as simple as the Dark Flak towers in which you made a very similar comment in regards to low level players not even being able to reach the levels on the towers where the discussed changes would actually take effect and have an impact. However, feedback from all levels, even those not in the specified range, still have value. Even if that value is purely to say hey… at level xx it looks like things are looking ok and people are happy with the behaviors in those level ranges. It helps give them comparisons about what works and what doesn’t work.


It depends on the topic imo. When people are voting for things they know nothing about (Nydryr spells), everyone loses. If it was important to get every players opinion, they would put the polls in game. People need to know when they don’t know enough to make the best decision.


There are times that lower level players opinions should hold more weight, and that’s in dealing with issues that primarily affect lower level players.


As far as Dragons go, I think there’s no question that Nydryr’s spells were a disaster. That being said, in regards to PG, even though the dragons spells and abilities suck, the dragon its self may still have been successful given that is what people indicated that they were interested in. Sometimes its not always about being the most efficient or effective, sometimes its about having fun regardless of how effective something is. So if people had fun with Nydryr, and PG made money by making it, then overall the dragon was indeed successful even though you and I don’t see the actual value in the dragon.


People usually know little about most of the things but are always eager to give their opinion about everything. It is the society they live in that made them as such: Repeating ad aeternam nonsense will always get you a bunch of followers.:disappointed:


Im not sure what happened to this thread but I am 99% sure we are not talking about Equestor any more :joy:


Wherever someone says Kinnarus is just too OP the thread ends… FYI


what do you mean by max your storage? like put a lot of towers in it? i had 4 and a half islands filled but am only lvl 53. so ended up pulling everything back to only 2 islands and leveling up from thier so i have a ton of things in storage. is this what you meant @fyreflie or no? if so explain please thanks.


Means keep your storage building fully upgraded


as in build the max amount of each tower and store it?
sorry if this is a stupid question i just don’t get it i guess. if thats what you meant thanks for clarifying.


It means keep the storage building next to your den upgraded as much as you can.
Nothing to do with towers, or storing them.


ohhh ok as in making sure the rss building is upgraded close to the dragon den. ok sorry im new on the forums and trying to get acquited with all the little ins and outs here and their. thnx @oetkb2 and @Gox1201


To clarify, make sure the rss building is upgraded as high as it can possibly be for your level


im always doing it. lol its doing it right now haha thanks for the clarification tho. much appreciated.


Just squished a real level 232 base with my level 23 Kinnarus … unboosted. :heart_eyes:


Then that 232 needs to seriously rethink his base layout.