Is Exploiting a Glitch cheating?

The KNOWN glitch of lag is being exploited RIGHT NOW.

The attacking team knows the glitch is going to be fixed today and they are exploiting it before the fix is dropped.

Conquering should have been disabled this entire time.



:roll_eyes: the lag is everywhere and it cant be helped!

I thought the glitch can also be exploited by piling on people from ones alliance to prevent attackers from getting a hit in - hence, preventing what would have been a strategic castle conquer.

I agree. While this didn’t affect me, or anyone I know I can see how this would be very frustrating to the teams it did effect. Pg has in the past made it very clear that anyone using “glitches” to there benefit may be banned. See storing towers during pvp, or summoning a prim under attack as examples. I’m generally against pg using a ban as a deterrent, it sets bad president in my opinion but it has been done.

I tried to replace a prime under attack the other day (didn’t realise it was), and got a message saying you can’t it’s under attack.

I don’t think it’s possible anymore, which agin in my opinion it never should have been. The burden should not be on the players to “play fair”. Instead pg needs to fix there game so exploits don’t exist. Just my opinion though.


I understand what you are saying, but in the real world there are rules, the physics of something might allow it, but societies laws are what governs it, regardless of anyone’s personal beliefs or the ability to do something.

Kinda hard for PG to have an effective “police” presence though… better to just fix the mechanics of it.

Exactly this.

Still doesn’t mean that the laws shouldn’t supersede the mechanics.

But yes they should be fixed 100%.

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The problem is there no real president. What I believe is an exploit you may believe is fine and an intended feature by pg.

To tie this into OP’s post (so we don’t get flagged too much :joy:) you may think the lag at a castle is horrible and makes the game unplayable, and would like PvP shields to be brought up. I on the other hand may be experiencing very little lag and think “hey this is fine I’m getting glory!”

Nether of us are wrong, nether of us are cheating. Regardless of how either of us feel we can do very little about it.

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Both sides are using it. Load up 10-20 destroyers with 60k troops on each and hop onto a castle and see who can come save it. The battle will last for hours while the defending team tries everything possible to move troops in. And since they cannot move troops to primarchs on their castle, it means they have to go out and back in, creating the issue.

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