Is farming acceptable

No matter how many mails my leader sends ItzGonzo, they still farm me. Been 7 times today. Is there a group who can help?


Change your IGN if no mail has been sent between the two of you.

Mail has been sent :sleepy:

I’d also bounce your resources with a team mate. They’ll get bored if they don’t get anything

Alright, I will do. Thanks Leigh :two_hearts:

Just get your whole team to farm them. They will get tired of it real fast. Or try the Nice route mail their Leader most will understand.

We’ve tried all manner of mail

So it looks like the whole team is trying to farm me now :rage::rage::rage:

:kissing_heart: :wink: Well then.

I assumed that’s where you found me from. I’m sick of waiting for leaders, I will farm your 27 strong team if you want.[quote=“ItzGonzo, post:9, topic:24019, full:true”]
:kissing_heart: :wink: Well then.

Gonzo look, defended even with two backers at level 50 you can’t get more than 50% on my base. My league AND group chat is aware of what you’re doing. It’s ikr to stop. I can bleed your resources faster than you can mine.

And so it begins. If you won’t stop farming my ALT, I won’t stop farming you.

Wait so what the problem what I’m doing. Someone please enlighten me. :thinking:

Lol you’re such a troll, you joined the forums 19 mins ago so you could fuck around with me here

Gonzo don’t stop now I’ve attacked you back :joy:

Keep the drama off the forum please. Sounds like y’all are going after each other and it’s not one-sided. If you feel like you’re being harassed please submit a ticket.


Okie dokie ticket coming up

As I’m replying

There is a distinct difference between harassment and playing the game. There are multiple ways to play this game you have chosen your way I have chosen mine. Also I feel farming is acceptable sorry that you dont feel it is right to do. I’m here to enjoy the game so if that means I’m going to attack the same person multiple times because it was fairly simple attack and I can gain resources and medals. Then yes call me whatever you like or do whatever you want. I’m here playing a game :v: