Is ferga a she or a he? 🤔

Guys I’m a little bit confused :man_shrugging:. Is a she or a he? Last season portrait was a she and looks that is a she again.

looks female to me :man_shrugging:

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Same to me but :joy: people is being asking around hahaha. Confusing hahah.

@PoseidonPQ did you made it?

How dare you

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If it was Poseidon’s doing I’m sure it would be prettier.
This portrait is…:nauseated_face:
And the position looks unnatural to me


The design is not that bad tho.

:joy: :joy: :joy: hahahah

I did not


Isn’t Ferga also a dragon? :thinking:


Yes. And looks like they made a portrait in honor to such a bad dragon :joy:

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In her days ferga was a good dragon no?

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Why now? This is not ferga days anymore. :joy: maybe a ronin portrait or itz portrait


She was when Emerald legendary was top tier.

But that was before the rise of flaks, now she just gets stomped.


Yeah good point…maybe someone was listening to Fergie?


:joy: hahahahha

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@PGKharnyx any words on this ? :eyes:

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This character is female. Every now and then we release portraits of “Dragon Knights,” which are characters themed around some of our favorite dragon designs of the past.

Also, the name is supposed to be “Ferga Knight,” not just “Ferga.” Lemme go yell at someone… we’ll get this updated.


I just hope Chunk Knight isnt exclusive to only top Atlas teams. That is a portrait EVERYONE needs to get access to.

Also, we need more chunk in the game. :chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk::chunk:

I still believe that each mythic should get a knight version portrait of themselves in their line. If you’re putting in the work/$$$ to get a mythic, there should be a special portrait

On topic: Ferga’s day has definitely passed but she’s pretty good on invader bases. Almost anything with easy healing is.

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