Is Fight Pit getting boring for anyone else?

I was thinking Fight Pit might be more fun if the rounds were shorter. Right now they last so long. Thinking more like the Crystal Caves event just a couple hours. Anyone else?


Yep, basically they need to stop with the atlas bubble nonsense during events, then at least there would be other stuff to do

Fight Pits has always been boring lol. Actually all PVPs are kind of boring IMO. I’m just attacking the same dude 100s of times for the entire duration. It’s like a job, and a repetitive one.

Big no to shorter rounds, 6 hours is as short as it should get. Any shorter will make it extremely hard for non-international teams.

Also if I’m not mistaken, Crystal Caves is also 6 hours??


I would think about a dynamic solution. It’s a kind of “gladiator-arena” based event.

  • A giant dragon which has a base on his head

  • A lion that we need to fly between his claws

  • A snake where we fly trough inside to reach the surface

Those contains pve bases where we can fly through at the end of each round. You fought in arena and now you need to beat the boss phenomena

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“How about no?”, in real honesty no that’ll spout chaos when selling castles

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No. Many of us use pvp as a time to have a break from Atlas and have time to plan for the next week of Atlas raids.

At least with pvp you can actually walk away from the game. When Atlas is on, you are always waiting for that next attack to come your way.


The trouble with that is, the shorter the round, the more res needed with the push at the start and end. I burnt through about 1k inners and energy on crystal caves.

Nooooo…it already feels like a job at times. I need some time to chill lol.


Idk why it felt like caves was shorter


I like the atlas pvp downtime during events


Kesinlikle daha sıkıcı ve ödül sıralaması teşvik etmiyor

Pretty much. This week seems particularly boring though. Normally I give myself 300 inners to use and I have barely used 100 this time. I wasnt kidding when I said opening those silver chests was the most exciting part of this event.

Maybe because now the points earned in it are so much lower than all the other pvps and the prizes dont feel like they’re worth the time. Im sure as hell not wasting megas on this crap event


It’s also mid-season so there isn’t much motivation to be seen anywhere. Activity generally spikes at the end and beginning of seasons. Glad that Pits has decent silver chests. Also glad that they did some trading posts because otherwise it would’ve been even worse.

Also yeah, why are prizes so bad this event? I feel like it was such a grind to get to a mere 43k with supers + 1 IF. The next sigil prize is literally like ~80k (from memory, don’t have it memorized). There’s no way in heck I have the time to grind all the way up there.


Agree! It’s fighting the same teams and attacking the same players over and over and over cause we end up in the same tier. I wish it was crystal caves where it was single team against single team instead of multiple teams. Then winner advance to next pit and losers demoted.


You should try to conquer Aligane, that’ll give you something to do.



“ I apologize right now for the wall of text”:point_down:

Events and the event cycle we base rank on :credit_card: has been stale and boring this is nothing new and sadly crystal caves will have the exact same feel after a few runs!

Money pits I mean “fight” pits has long been due for replacement!

I’m sorry playing credit card dragons got old long before the map was added it was one of the reasons the map was added in the first place because event had become revenue based which made them repetitive boring and predictable !

Making rank based on skill and participation not money and activity alone would require a long term feature and the map was a attempt to end our dependency of the repetitive event cycle and add depth of long term more easily monetized play to the game !

We could use some fresh events to relieve the boredom but ultimately are they worth producing?

They will just become stale and boring after 5th or 6th time they are ran!

And yep end up on the chopping block like fight pits! Lol

Many things have been tried to make events dynamic!

The great contest for example was an attempt at a long term event and it was very demanding to say the least and making a event longer definitely didn’t help!

And anyone left here who played the great contest can attest to what a season long event felt like it was not pleasant it was a river of blood and activity that didn’t even play out well unless you won!
To make the event “seem” profitable to players they had to offer vast rewards that apparently cost more to provide than the event made.
We still have dreads statue sitting on the event island years later!

They were supposed to run the great contest again and give other teams a shot at having their statue made and put up on the event island .
Of course this never happened because the event was painful and must not have been as profitable as pg thought it would be because we never seen another one and truly I hope we never do!

We have team portraits another sad attempt at making events seem to payout better without messing with the meta or negatively impacting revenue!

And many other things were tried over the years to keep the “wallet wars” I mean our event cycle going! Yep most of which failed miserably.

It’s not just fight pits it’s events in general and this games progression “rank” is based on them and they are based on spending!
Now how many play styles does that support?
And we wonder why the games not growing well.

Move monetization and rank away from this stupid event cycle and focus on proper long term Monetization of the map!
Of course that’s provided they can even produce a long term map based on offensive tactical play otherwise adding it was pointless and you may have well just made atlas a painful season long event just like the great contest that we know that sucks and obviously wasn’t profitable!

And sorry everyone resetting or shuffling that defensive map will be the exact same just another stupid attempt at keeping this event cycle going!

We don’t need another short term feature we need a real long term feature that’s properly monetized for long term play unless we want this game to end.

Rant over!
Thx for reading that for those who bothered.

It’s not fight pits or any one event it’s the whole cycle


I dont know, I enjoy Gauntlet and Temple Raid. Though Id enjoy TR more if they’d give us a raid feature for temples and cut down on the island HP for higher leagues. There’s no reason you have to spend so much more rss to get the same points as lower leagues


Ooh yea good point, forgot the game was called “real estate dragons”, stupidly imagined it was called “war dragons”. My bad


Yep and as long as that map is based on acquisition of castles it won’t be war dragons it will be real estate wars :rofl:
Real estate wars :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: man that’s a good one !

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Oops I overlooked all the organising folk have to do if they part in one of these silly mega alliance things. It really takes the fun out of the game don’t you think.

Please try not to swear on forums