Is food boost protection still broken?


Does anyone know if the food boost protection issue has been fixed? @pgCampusLifer @PGJared @PGDave


What was the issue? (he said fearing a very simple answer)


The protection part of it wasnt working. It would say 200k protected (# for argument sakes), but when attacked you lose most if not all food that should have been protected.


i think not everyone is affected by that.

the one that i see that are getting stolen from me is from my production building and the double protection provided by the boost are working as intended on my end.

sometimes players might forget that they upgraded something and they got raided from their production building and thought it was stolen from their storage hut without knowing that the production building is producing at 2~3x the rate per hour.


Last feed event, I was entirely raiding food, was still below the protection cusp and had over half my food stolen. No upgrades, no spending before hand.


you can ask CS about that because you might have sent some food to your team mates. or if you experience it again, contact them immediately so that they can track it.


I didnt send any food before hand and this is a known issue. Ive asked the devs and will work with their response. Im asking because I dont want to waste a boost, not to have blame placed on anyone. Again, known issue.


I’d say, since its been broken for over a year now, that’s it’s probably still broken lol


:joy: I burned a boost waiting to be attacked…standby…


I always use it the day before feeding events and building events and it works just fine for me


For me the last events the boost just worked fine on the the storage on the farms I am not sure, because I don’t know how much there should be protected and if the boosted protection wouldn’t work properly I would know very fast since I only can keep what is protected. But I have sometimes the feeling the even though the winning screen says you got food, the dragons transporting the food turn a wrong way or stuff themselves.


I’m sure some greedy dragons take a ‘chef’s snack’ tax along the way… :joy:


Yes protection of food in your Farms is still bust; meaning every single leg of lamb there gets stolen when your base is raided as none of the normal protection works. However everything in your store is protected up to the boosted level. This glitch has been there ever since I joined & the dev team don’t hseem to be that bothered about fixing it. They’d rather plant pumpkins all over your base …which as you’ll note no dragon will take!! :nauseated_face:


Yep still an issue I had over 90k collected and protected. One hit took 65k of the protected wood.


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