Is Galgrim worth runing?

Is Galgrim worth a Legendary Hunter Attack rune?

It’s up to you, if you need a good hunter then by all means do it. He’s your typical hunter, it’ll take some practice to get him down with blinking and all but once you get him down he’s a good hunter.

Try running her first before runing her.



If you think it’s worth putting a good rider on with your best gear for that element, then go for it… otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

I see what you did there :grin:.


I usually just run the new seasons dragon until the season boost is up. After that they go away from my roster unless it’s the mythic.

For this season I kinda expect to use Galgrim and Morak more than the mythics…

Some lineage dragons like Gunnar also had a longer shelf life, especially if you’re not endgame and can have him at your current tier he’s a decent cleaner to have unless you have a whole line of mythics.

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Thats a layered question. Is any dragon really worth it? I mean they are all obsolete so quickly. The most recent ones have been a major let down aside from narlyth when it works right. So for you is it worth your money an effort for a mediocre dragon that will be obsolete as soon as next tier drops?

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He’s better than Marlis and Meglok.

He’s not bad but he’s nothing special. If you have an immediate to short term need for a decent dragon, you may consider it - especially since runes are now removable(ish)… I personally benched him without runes, but that’s because I have a good hunter at my tier and one tier up (which I will probably be stuck in until I finally give up on this game). I HOPE next season will be better, but I’m not holding my breath. I can always dust him off and rune him if I get terribly desperate and I decide to keep holding on.

I like my Gal… almost 10B ap, I wouldn’t use him over Nami in a war setting but I do enjoy playing around with him

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What level u are? @AnacondaX
IF, IF, Galgrim is your best dragon then yes, equip even his Legendary. Actually Galgrim need atk and Rage.

i mean if you use him lots and will in future then go for it. Personally when a dark dragon comes out that is better im switching my rider straight over, kinda annoyed with him, but what else will ya get from a half price.

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