Is hoarding rubies against the rules?

I know a player who is a master at hoarding rubies. They claim to have hoarded more than 400k rubies in the past two years but are now afraid to spend them because they think pg will label such a huge use of resources as cheating. So my question is, does the game recognize large spending of rubies in a short amount of time as cheating?

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many people have much more rubies then that…should be fine

edit: 400K in two years isn’t a very big ‘hoard’


Then why do most seem to be surprised by having 300k?

The question isn’t about the hoard but the rapid spending of said hoard and it throwing a red flag in the cheating code. To which I wouldn’t know.

I’ve used about 200-250k in a small window of time without issue, but I have heard of autobans hitting accounts that spend a lot of rubies abruptly. So it’s a risk, I suppose. I wouldn’t be worried up to 200-250k but I can’t speak beyond that

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Yeah there is a risk, although 400k is probably still safe. But why spend it all in a very short time anyway? Might as well go a little slower and at least spread it over a few days.

Even if an autoban kicks in it should be reversed after a ticket and investigation, but being locked out for a week or more would still suck.

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So… spend 100k for the next 4 pvp events… problem solved. (Maybe add in a building for some embers)

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im sure you would of been hit already with a ban lol as it would be flagged

Since when could using so many rubies result in a Ban? Who spends and buys many rubies, then is not subject to a ban? :thinking:

@PGJared @Arelyna could you give us more explanations on this? Please


usuallly only happens if you get a major amount in a quick timeframe and not buying packs

It’s part of an exploit people did/ possibly still do. They gave them self huge numbers of rubies through various means. Thus a trigger to detect massive ruby usage/gain was introduced apparently. All false positives that I’m aware of got fixed as it’s really easy to tell if someone has earned their rubies over time. This thing is automated to catch these cases, though I have no doubt a manual check is done periodically too

But yeah I am pretty confident this trigger exists. Not sure what thresholds are for tripping it but if it’s rightly earned rubies you will be fine. I’d suggest pacing out spending and not dumping 400k in one go just in case. 100k a day or per event. Just pace it out.

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Old but gold I guess


Just to be clear, it’s absolutely not supposed to cause a ban, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hoarding rubies. It’s just that spending a ton of rubies all of a sudden may trigger watchdog systems that try to detect behaviour that looks like cheating, even if it’s not. So while ultimately you’d never stay banned for doing nothing wrong, it can cause a lot of inconvenience while things are sorted out.


It did previously they mistakenly banned the leader of lethal descent a long time ago. PG admitted they were using a tool to detect large spends of rubies without packs being purchased.

They also said they have since turned that tool off.


You won’t be banned from spending. You will be banned though from sudden increases in rubies. Even if said increase comes via PG themselves sending it to you.

Yes you heard me right. :man_shrugging:


Why a player should be free to use the resources he buys when he wants.

In my opinion, a player should be free to buy and use all the resources he has, even in one day. He shouldn’t be thinking “oh my god, now I could get a ban.”

I mean, a player IS free to use the resources they buy when they want. Even all the resources they have. Even in one day.

There’s just a chance of an automated anti-cheating system temporarily inconveniencing you if you spend a truly massive quantity of resources all at once. And given that Jared was talking about the actions in which those resources were gained, there’s a good chance that even the anti-cheating system wouldn’t bug you - after all, you didn’t gain those resources all at once.

That said, a smart player probably wouldn’t spend all those resources at once anyway. There’s no need to risk the inconvenience, and there’s no realistic circumstance where you need to spend 400k+ rubies all at once.



If you’re rich enough to spend the thousands a day you’d need to trip those spending flags, you’re rich enough to afford the lawyer you’ll use to sue PG for banning you.

Why not just spread out spending? It’s not hard to avoid being flagged for sus activity and no one really needs…400k rubies worth of anything in a single day. Unless you’re buying bokens, in which case you deserve the ban, ingrate.


I agree as well.

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PG Jared once stated, they never ban for using. They ban for gaining. So…if a player gets an usual high amount of any valuable resource in a very short period of time, it raises red flags on PG side.

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We always audit an account before we ban an account. We can see how someone gains their rubies on our end, so we will be able to see if they were accumulated over a large period of time.

Correct. We’ve worked out most of the kinks to get this to be more accurate.

We retired that tool and have moved to a different one which has a much better success rate.