Is Ice Turret still good?

Hello all,

Is Ice Turret still good? I was thinking of adding it back to layout for extra shield and beam damage

Not really. We have multiple towers that do the same thing but better (orrery, earth flak) and ice turrets get INSANELY expensive to maintain. The only use they have anymore is as merging material.

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Well I like mine and I stand by that! :joy:


I think they are still good at high levels, however the big Caveat is that the cost does not outweigh the fact that other towers perform a similar function and cause similar damage for cheaper.
Orrery and earth flak for shields instead of HP bump.
Storm or pylon for beam damage.

Most people would struggle to find places to fit an Ice turret into their base if the could even afford the crazy shard cost

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I really want ice turret that the shrine of element has. :pleading_face:


I think it depends how the base is developed, and were the ice turret is placed to become effective.

I won’t consider the ice turret as a tower that should be placed at the first line of defence.

But more a tower that is at the 2nd line of defence, that will be for me were its located now between farms and other towers.
I have 100k+ shards for that tower, it should become a big boy next fortification, i can tell you after that event probably if it works how it is working in my head. :smile:

To get the tower to 150 it will cost just shy of 770k ice shards.
In comparison let’s look at the Earth flak ~493k embers
Drakul Pylon ~315k Electrum

That’s a big jump and those shards are harder to come by.


That’s no problem, before i reach that high, i need front upgrades again.
I can’t non stop upgrade it anyway, its a implented tower just to try out, otherwise i will transform it to something else.
It will take a few fortification events to make it as big as my first line of defense.
Lvl 139 is for me atm capped tower lvl, the ice turret i have, is lvl 60.
EDIT: I do not have the stuff to add a pylon or other tower in that area that needs the same rss stuff as my big towers.

If someone can look me up ingame and make a screenshot, it will talk more easy.

I had it. I actually like it a lot. I also have mythic rune for. I just opted for double Cosmic first so I transform it.

At some point I will need to add an additional tower when I am block. I’m thinking IF or IT

Wouldn’t it be a good tower if to replace it you will need an orrery or earth for shield AND a storm or pylon for beam attack? When the turret has beam and shield in one tower. I haven’t looked at the stats on these towers that was just my first thought when reading this thread.

Obsolete towers are considered obsolete, is all I’ll say. :see_no_evil:

The ice turret’s supershot is an hp boost shield, not an invincibility shield.

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