Is it a bug? (Glyph rewards are off)


I just searched for Event Reward Glyph, but could not find any post. So here is is.
Did anyone notice that the glyphs this fortification event are off?
Instead of the usual: common, rare, epic, legendary, mythic this fortification it is: common, rare, rare, legendary, legendary.

Bug or feature?

Thanks. And sorry if I posted something double. As mentioned, I tried to search the terms above first.




Thanks mate.


Could use more Dragon glyphs though!!

Bases have been reduced in size. So no need for more building runes or glyphs actually.

Also rune dust is in very critically short supply. Has anybody taken any action to increase the supply of rune dust.


During last Runic Chest, it’s guaranteed 2M rune dust / 15 chests,
though having more will be interesting.

Also, I don’t think the reward should be Dragon Glyph for fortification event (However, I think it is for the others)


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