Is it a plane? Is it a hammer? Or is it SUPER HAMMER?

In all seriousness -

We have seen the rise of cheats yet again (wonder why :roll_eyes:)

Does anyone know the specifics of cool downs on defense tools? Or the super ability to heal an entire island :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Aka - the time in between throwing a hammer, alternating shield/hammer/etc ?

And I know at one point someone had “healing power” numbers … I’m trying to figure out if a 26mil repair is viable? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Do you have any wisdom? :grimacing:

26 million is high, but not impossible, given current HP mechanics for towers.

It would really depend upon the level of the towers and what boosts and buffs were applied at the moment the hammer dropped.

Without knowing the tower type, level and the other variables, it is hard to say for certain. 26M is not so high I would say immediately that it is an “unauthorized modification.”

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Thanks to gear especially, there is just such a huge variation of that its hard to really know most of the time. Before gear when things were more linear it was easier to tell when something was off.


But what about cooldown between defenses?

As in, if I throw one hammer - how long before I can throw another :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have seen 3 seconds thrown around the forum. As best I recall, PG has never said what the intended time is.

With lagg it varies a lot, when im running with an alt theres 1 - 4 seconds of lagg, if it catches up all at once you can see 2 hammers being used at once and its still legit. Then theres the option that its double or triple defended

Mmmmmmm not when one hammer heals an entire island :scream::sweat_smile:

1 hammer circle?


One hammer healed the entire island completely.

From what? 50% 80% how low was the HP before it completely healed the island?

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