Is it better to join a team with much higher lvl players than you are

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Are you looking for a team or just for advice?

If you just want advice, then I would suggest posting as a General Discussion so that you get more responses.

Either way, the answer is… it depends

If you LOVE playing, and you already know that you want to invest countless hours and cough cough money into the game, then YES, and BY ALL MEANS YES!

Joining an active, higher level team will surround you with players who can help you grow faster AND smarter. You’ll build your base better, have stronger dragons, and learn how to play in a much more competitive manner.

HOWEVER, if you are not prepared to be online daily for wars, meet minimum requirements for events, and possibly even get involved with Atlas…then a lower level team can be a better place to get familiar with game mechanics and figure out what you really want to do.

You are welcome to message me either here or in game if you have more questions.


Hi, and thanks so much for getting back to me - I do not know how to work this forum yet, so I do not know how to post this as a general discussion - please dont think less of me, but I am not even sure how I managed to post what Indid and have you answer me - I just kept trying and clicking on differnt things. My situation is : I am a lvl 56 player, and am the officer for a team in the gold IV leavue - I was actually the leader of that team, but had left to try and find a better team - but then went back for a few close friends and teammates. I do really enjoy these teammates - but we dont really get far enough in any of the events that require teamwork - there are maybe only a core of about a dozen that have been around for about the past 8 months consistantly, that actually care about the game and communicating and trying to win in events - and it is now getting very frustrating for me!!! I do play every single day, many different times a day, and for lenghtly amounts of time - I have put hundreds of dollars into it, and cannot imagine ever not playing it. absolutely LOVE this game - I love the fighting, I love the comrodery, I have ALWAYS loved dragons, and I have a need to be the best at whatever I am doing! So, I was approached by a lvl 308 player in Platimun IV - and thought this was kind of odd. I did message him back and forth many times, and he said that 2 of his players had left with their alts (at that point I didnt even know what an “alt” was) - I asked him why he wanted to recruit me, and he said that I was a highly active player, and thats what he was looking for, and that after talking back and forth with me, he thought I would be a perfect fit for his team! So my confusion was in not really trusting him I guess, and not understanding why he would want such a low lvl player on his team - I also didnt understand how he could see my actions and how I played the game, and how he knew I was such an active player. Do you know of any negative, or underhanded reasons there could be, for him wanting me to join his team? And I am not at all saying anything bad about this person at all, or his team - I am just a little confused and nervous about his offer. Any help or advice you or anyone else can give me would be very much appreciated!! Thank you

Weekly medals.
Also, Platinum IV is not that high, but quite active league, which prefers activity over level.


Okay, that makes sense now, the medals. So you feel everything is on the up and up - no negatives. Thanks so much

Inam very very active - so I guess thats why thanks again

It’s not odd at all for higher level players to looks for smaller players who are very active to recruit to their team. Especially for teams in Plat IV. Even teams in Plat 3 and 2 will bring in lower level players who are very active :slight_smile:

I think the idea is that a team would rather have very active level 50-100s than a lazy level 500.


Definitely :+1:t3:

From what you explained, I think the answer is yes. Let’s find you a very active team that can help you learn.

I think Orca has one. I also have one. We are in Platinum 4, as well.

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I have a bit of perspective on this; I’m a level 72 now in Plat III. I’m probably the 3rd or 4th lowest leveled player on my team, and I was initially reluctant to join as I was afraid of being either useless or a burden to my team. I haven’t been here too long but it has been the best decision I’ve made on this game. Having access to Atlas and castles has been incredibly beneficial for my progression. My teammates are really active, and always around to help. They give tons of advice, much of which is not trivial.

Now, what about my concerns on being useless? It is true that there are many players that I can’t attack in PVP events, and my base is a pretty easy target for most players in the league. In war, this is a similar situation. Yet, I don’t feel particularly useless. I’m active enough that my constant defense has proven at least somewhat useful to my team, which is not just important for our resources, but to scout out Atlas attacks, as well as watching for alliance mistakes in PVP. I’m also around for quests! And I think I’m also providing some moral support by flooding our team chat c:

The point is, I don’t know if I’m really carrying the team right now. But that doesn’t really matter. I’m doing my best to be a good teammate, and am growing really, really fast. It won’t be long til I can at least run my own attacks, and contribute in other ways.


We’re still in Gold 2 though. Will reach Plat IV approximately next season (early weeks)

Thats exactly what I was worried about - not being able to attack much, and being attacked all of the time. But if you say you’re able to grow quickly, that is what I want - I feel like I have been stagnating for the past 6 months. I keep thinking my team willmget better, we bave so many new people who come and go - but it just doesnt. On the last Temple raid, I 100% by myself, got us pat all four of the guards - 75% completed, on my own - then I had to leave the game for a while - I gave the team a big pep talk, telling them out of all the rest of them, we only needed 25% more accomplished - and what a disappointment, when I came back to the game, we were back at square one. All the time, money, and resourses I had spent gone - 44 other players, and we couldnt complete the raid, on “one single Island”!!! Very discouraging!! You have all helped me to make mybdecision to move to anhigher lvl team. Thank you so much

I guess I just need to pick anteam ow, as anfew of you have been nice enough to ask me to join you! Thank you

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Pick the right team and you won’t have to worry, a supportive team will back you on your attacks and defense, which will allow you to attack higher levels. I went from a gold level league to a much more active platinum team and was low level when I did. It was the best thing I’ve done in this game. I’m now on an awesome team that has helped me grow.

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How do I find the right team??? I guess thats a question that you cant really answer! And Thanks for the advice about switching to a higher lvl - I didnt know it was something commonly done, so Inwas reluctant to do it - but it sounds like its def the right move for me! Thanks again

There are a lot of great teams and helpful officers leads, that want active players. I have seen some of the most helpful players post here, consider one of their teams.

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Finding the right team is hard.

I’d message some of the players giving excellent advice here, ingame, and see what they say.

Hops and Ez are on my team, as was Orca and Suzz. We do foster growth and activity over what level you are or what dragons you have, or even how your base is, but we do try to keep those balanced and help improve them as much as possible.


Make sure you’re not shy about asking for backup on war and event attacks and xp runs. Your teammates should be glad to help you, and the atlas benefits will help you train some of those painful green and gold dragons a lot faster.

You can find recent posts by teams looking for members (including my current team, TheRage) here:

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Jonesy’s team is a great learning team. Lots of helpful people there. If you would feel more comfortable a bit lower talk to Orca she is very helpful and fun. HonorBringer is helpful and has good advise.

There are a lot of teams to weed through but also some really awesome teams out there.