Is it just me or do we prefer the older WD?

I feel a few years ago war dragons was awesome anyone agree?
I don’t know how to do that voting thing but if someone what’s to go ahead. Watching YT vids of Odin back in the day make me feel sad as it looks much more fun than. Idk how to solve this though I had and I’m not quite sure but I personally think the game looked way much more fun back in the day than now.


It was… I believe a large part of that (only part) was PG removing the value of a properly set-up base in favor of solo dragons (specifically when it comes to wars)… my favorite thing use to be flying through an entire base and maybe only killing 20% of it in order to make it an easy clear for a follower.


Watching Odins videos on YT always makes me feel sad tbh.


In my opinion its just due to stagnation in main game events combined with atlas which is fundamentally designed incorrectly combine this with a lack of expansion type content.

  1. Lots of events have been culled. In the minor we lost log XP and feed. Log XP was a nice chillax event and feed everyone hated but the issue is no replacement events.

In the major events we lost conquest of the high seas, the dragon games, king of the hill, the blackbloods, conquor the world, capture the flag, tug of war etc.

So we lost some 10 events maybe more and gained only 2 in the past 3 years.

A net loss of 8-9 events in 3 years. We should of seen more events added not heaps of events removed without replacements.

Clearly the rotation is stale and needs to be refreshed.

  1. Atlas is designed wrong. Proper strategy games encourage conflict. Think Chess. Think checkers. Or think any other developer that has made a strategy game. Each move you want to destroy your opponent and escalate conflict.

Atlas is defensive there is no reason to fight. There is no mechanic to escalate combat. The incentive is for initial conflict to get a bunch of safe deep castle and sit on them for easy bonuses. Then some work to ensure 800-1200 rank teams hold the gates so no one can be bothered hitting them for nil glory.

Atlas needs to be designed for conflict not designed to avoid it as is the case now.

  1. No expansions. Atlas was the last expansion for the game. By now we should of had another big content push to a similar scale.

Most other games drop big content expansions every 2 years. This brings back old players it keeps it fresh for existing players and it even gets new players to join up.

This game is in dire need of a big fresh exciting content hit that takes our gaming experience up another level.

In conclusion stale main game events, with atlas that encourages being defensive instead of offensive and the lack of a big content push to me are drivers for a decline in enjoyment for some players.


It WAS simpler & MORE fun before, for sure (for me)! Literally before Atlas became a thing of obsession & power for many! :relieved:


To have a objective of growth only lasts so long……
With our defensive map expansion and acquisition only last so long ……
Events are repetitive and added they only last so long ……

Do you see the pattern of the problem……
It’s only lasts so long ……

Now let’s look at our short term objectives scratch our head and wonder why it only lasts so long…. Lol

We need a long term objective because like danger has pointed out once that short term objective is met the map is no longer any fun for many….

Id say I’d keep this short but thats how we got into this mess lmao


@PGGalileo :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: u see this most of the players like the way the game was before u also might get some players coming back I know so many players who love the old way the game was played.

Everything but kingdom war I loved


Yeah, no. I see like 5 players… Pretty sure most people would not love going back to the old days like that.


He’s not being completely literal Morreion lol
No one wants to return to the days when the top dragons were gold tier!

He’s saying the game was fun when it had a actual set of objectives to be met!

When currently we have only short term objectives and really of those all that’s left is growth……
And seriously glory and gear are rewards not objectives and defense as a long term objective just produces elimination as a result and its costing us teams and players!

Of course no one wants to return the game to a coin pusher state it started in but feel free to ask others if the game used to be fun you will get the same answer over and over.
And that’s because it had unmet objectives back then……


To go back to that point 23 teams in the top 210 have been either eliminated or merged into other teams this season alone.

This includes the top team and the top opposition team both of which no longer exist.

10% team attrition in a season is bad.

While not perfect all 3rd party app tracking tools point to a 16-23% player decline this season. People generally leave because they are bored or they have achieved all they can and seek the next game.

The good news is all these things can be fixed and they can be fixed pretty fast.

Ages ago I was the leader of a high ranking team pre atlas. Only myself and 2 others still play the game. And even I took a 2 year break and only returned recently.


More variety is definetely needed. Its becoming boring.
Even if more smaller events. And i don’t mean the 5 mins and done waste of time dungeon. So much effort creating a new base style for players to fly, but not utilised properly in any sort of way.


I think a lot of the “fun” aspect being gone is from feeling bored. Not everyone likes to grind constantly. While this is now the standard for most games, it is a bit sad that it is the case as it contributes to boredom. Even introducing a new event would be boring within 1-2 times it is out. Just another form of grinding introduced

It is not something that is easy to fix when the meta of most/all games now seems to be introduce mechanics to have the player grind their way to the top or to stay there. The newness of something wears off after a few times of doing it, then it is just another grind. I’ve seen this in most/all games with multi-player I have played. Even playing single-player games are going that way.

Things like Assault and Dungeons alleviate some of the boredom, but not enough. Run them too much and it is just another grind in itself. Add a new base layout the dragons have to fly, it will get boring eventually. Have 7-10 different base layouts, and it will help with the boredom for a time, but eventually it too becomes boring.

:woman_shrugging: No idea. There is no easy fix.

Ramblings hidden.

I’ve said it before but WD is the first mobile game I actually played more than in passing. I usually play PC games and they also have this problem. I remember playing city builders for hours to reach the final goal and move on in the campaign, where I had to do it all over again. It was a challenge to reach the end goal with the most efficient city possible for that map. Yet I haven’t touched them in years now. Not enough time when the other games require days, weeks, months, years of endless grinding. Hello Ark and your dinos taking hours/days create an egg, hatch, and grow up that you need to even try to take on the big guys, let alone the other players which I rarely played pvp anyways. It sucks to be wiped off the map over and over again just because someone else finds that fun to keep other players from getting anywhere.


I disagree with this.
People enjoying the game by different reason.

  • Some enjoy spending little break they have with the games
  • Some enjoy chatting with online mates
  • Some enjoy playstyle on the old days (when speed wasn’t everything)
  • Some take some steps ahead and enjoy more challenging playstyle (e.g. Atlas)
  • Some take things further ahead and enjoy being the best of the best.

The objective you mentioned is not everything.


Perhaps this describes the problem more accurately, for those prefer the old days.

I remember first time Temple Raid was introduced.

Players tried their best beating each challenge (including myself with breedable Anapa :nauseated_face:), even helped each other for the challenge.
Nowadays, we’re happy for the raid feature, no longer excited with the challenge provided by the guardians.


I used to love king of the hill​:japanese_castle:. It might not have been everyone’s favorite but I enjoyed it :european_castle: wish it would make another appearance in the game​:cry:


None of those are objectives those are simply what’s allowed us to stay lol

Yes there’s fun still to be had here and yes the community keeps some of us playing.

And ego will always allow a handful to hold onto growth as a objective but they eventually will find themselves playing by themselves……
And that goal of becoming the best of the best will only happen with this :credit_card:
And then what you have is a handful of ego driven players who quickly realize they are spending to have exactly what everyone that’s left has.
And competitive play disappears at the top and you see your top teams walk.

And that’s exactly what happened :man_shrugging:


Woo! Where can I access those?

A few things…

One of the biggest differences I see is PG’s presence. I felt like they were always doing some kind of stream whether it be on FB, Twitch, their Twitter, YouTube, etc. I remember tons of Crisis, Chocolate, Arelyna, and Lawson posts. They did those real-time
Dragon designs and just talked about stuff. The blogs were updated. New information was released timely. It felt like the company was actively investing in its product and thriving so we’d see some freebies now and again. Now, much feels behind the 8-ball; like a skeleton crew is working on it. We, the players, only really saw RDM, Gal, and then more recently, Timber and Nines for a while. It seems like it’s slowly reverting to a time where PG is more actively involved but it still feels “different.”

Adding to this… COVID placed a huge financial strain on the world and corporate America in general has moved more to, “do more with less.” So, to me-- it felt like they were more giving before. We’d get those silly little fun dragons (Noelle, Chunk, etc) just for fun events to keep the players interested. While they weren’t huge deals and certainly can’t be used at end-game level, they were also universal bonding tools. We all received them. Was something to discuss in a friendly way in LC, instead of people being nasty due to Atlas divisions.

There was once a time it was SOOOOO FUN to venture into LC. Mention “boobs,” “food,” or “music” and you’d get a group of lovely individuals actually having an interesting discussion and being friendly. With Atlas politics, people have been poisoned against one another, and it’s frequently just gibes and rudeness thrown about. Or, it’s just frankly-- dead. No one enjoys an interesting conversation out of fear they’ll be accused of “fraternizing with the enemy.” Like, c’mon, now! :roll_eyes:

I miss the simple little events that were held-- Halloween week, Christmas week-- had to log in and collect candy canes and pumpkins, and then you got additional prizes. It’s the little things that don’t seem like a lot that make a difference. Those PURELY FUN additions that allow people to chat and celebrate commonality and things that go beyond the dragon world, rather than divisions and closed-mindedness matter! Most of us play the game as an escape from the real world-- but the repetition and monotony make the game feel like a second job. Those little holiday events broke up the monotony.

:cyclone:Let’s do a Spirit Week for Halloween! All week long event for fun stuff!
:cyclone:I still want Annual portraits for players who continue to stick around
:cyclone:Maybe an Elite portrait when you get annual membership
:cyclone:Put a twist on red envelopes and do a “Rss store” at Christmas where you can elect to send someone pearls, timers, eggs, rubies, etc for a price as a way to give to friends.
:cyclone:PG did a survey regarding diversity and inclusion a while back-- pick a random event-- example: May is Pacific Islanders month-- design a little dragon that correlates with that theme and release it in a mini event. Write a post about it here and Gal can do a sort of scavenger hunt/trivia post to engage the community and learn something.

There are so many things that could be done to make a sometimes stale game feel full of life again! I just hope we see a return to the fun ASAP. :blue_heart:


We all whant that :pensive:


Must have been in a different league I guess :joy: LC has always been a hellhole filled with arguing idiots in the four years I’ve played the game.


I agree with lots of what you are saying.

It sure does feel PG have invested just a skeleton crew to keep the lights on and thats it. They probably have other flagship products that they need to build.

I bet the skeleton crew have way more work on their plate than they can realistically do given by how untimely things like blogs are now delivered late and incomplete.

I’m grateful for the PG reps that are left to service the small player base that is left but it doesn’t feel like a great long term plan.

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