Is it just me or others too?


I feel like the water is a lighter shade of blue now. It more eye popping now for me. Anyone else notice the same thing?


Wasn’t it in the patch notes they were removing the duskfall sky and water?


My water seems a dark greenish. Ewww. I want it to be more blue! Lol.


Here is the note from the Patch Notes regarding that:

The update will fix that.




“Admiral, there be whales here.”
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


Beam me UP!


My waters are blue, but wally is still missing (it’s been going back and forth green and blue at times… :sweat_smile:)


He lives!!!


Viva la whale :whale:

Side note: (Back to the water) I hope that the weird water ripples are fixed with the update (see below)


What are your graphics settings at? I wonder if the odd ripples are the result of a lower quality of graphic being selected…


Medium, when that picture was taken I believe. Currently they are on low due to all the Atlas crashes I have been experiencing


Long live Willy


Yes, the water is a different color and my old eyes think the font for chat is smaller too. Maybe I am imagining it but don’t think so. You guys make me bleary-eyed by the end of the day.



I think that’s just the effect of reading LC for a few minutes…


I love these colours


The new sea I see is more vibrant in hue and chromatic expression. :+1:t2::whale:


I am just happy that Willy is BACK!


I’ve never seen so many people so happy over something as pointless as this whale and squid :joy:


long live the whale!