Is it just me,or you guys also haven’t knew about this?


I found it absolutely amazing and hilarious

Now I want to put him on my second perch with farms
He will greet everyone who managed to go far enough :joy_cat:


Omg! I love it!! :clap::clap::rofl::rofl::rofl: I wish I had him!


Haha! I think if I’ll see it on perch,it will distract me from attack and make laugh a lot :joy_cat:


False advertising. You can’t place it.



Awww.i have him maxed,but he is not listed in available dragons((((


Ooo,I can see you also have this beast :joy_cat:


I put him on my perch when this first happened for that exact reason :joy: he did as advertised, for the record


I saw the same and was seriously bummed when he couldn’t be perched. :confused:


Wish i could chnage his waving ability to giving attackers the finger, if that is deemed too harsh, he should be able to spin, drop his pants and moon those who dare take my gold


I saw this when perches came out but sadly I didn’t figure out how to get the little guy




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