Is it necessary for attackers to see defense/attack boosts?

During defended attacks it can be very difficult to see what’s going on. This can cause difficulty seeing which flak is which, when a freeze is over, etc. So is it really necessary to see defense and attack boosts from consumables while in flight. Personally I’d prefer to not have them from the attackers view (obviously defenders should see them so they know when the consumables are expired).

Maybe I’m overlooking something, but I’d love if this could be changed slightly.


This is why you scout the base properly in the map view before you hit, so you have an attack strategy…no?

So then you know what towers are where, and what you’re taking out first

I believe it is.
That said, more friendly view for our eyes is better than having flashy effects covering the towers IMO.


Yes, and normally I do. However there’s some events where you hit so many times it’s easy to mix bases up if you’re not paying enough attention. Or when you’re trying to quickly counter in atlas you have about 5 sec to memorize where the earth flak and ice flack are on 5 different islands. Or when you’re backing, trying to scroll through or check in the 5 sec during the transition.

There are ways to check before of course, but even still it’d be nice to be able to see during the flight.

I’ll be honest, I like that those situations are punishing.

Dragons are already too powerful compared to bases. Don’t see a need to make any attacks easier, personally.

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