Is it possible to disable both the perch and blue mage with one Ikaros invoke shot?


Yes, yes it is

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Well, guess I need more practice. To do it, do you you aim the invoker shot at the blue mage, the left half of the perch, or the right half of the perch?

There’s a small spot in between halfway up the perch where you can hit it.
If scene can get a pic/vide to help out would be beneficial for you


If a spell like C2D has wide enough area you’ll be able to shoot down the whole island with the spell alone.

Ikaros does NOT have a spell that big :joy:
invked shot


Just did it with your advice, thanks for the help :blush:



Do this also function with Nebulon? I’m having a hard time to even hit a double with him tho so the spell code might be different

It may be possible but will be harder. Star dust’s splash radius is 8 and Cosmic Wrath’s 7 making the area affected 12.5% smaller than Star Dust’s.


Is that hitting the same spot as say Noctua’s web (I forget yeh spell name…)?

I see… When I got Nebby I thought I could set up bases with him, maybe not.

Yup that’s the same spot. It can be done with multiple dragons if you’re a good flier. I’ve gotten issues where after I shoot noc’s vine’s he dies and the vines don’t appear. It can really mess up an attack since I don’t have a set up dragon.

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It is the same spot but it is more forgiving with Namaka because the splash radius is, I believe, 12 (50% larger than Star Dust).

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