Is it possible to have a glory swapping castle? 🐌


I’m thinking of having a castle for the sole purpose of letting players use it for glory swapping. If it is easily accessible, what problems could happen? :thinking:


Some jerk could come and try stealing it from you? Plus unless it is a T4 castle, a NML might be better to meet up at, since NML ignores team influence :upside_down_face:

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Hmm … I don’t think I could talk anyone into gifting me a t4. :thinking:


But besides that, any other issues?


You just need to factor in the owner of the castle and their 5TA having a fort buff on the defense rating of their primarchs.

Team influence would also highly affect some players/teams, and that is why people do the swapping in NML in the first place because they are automatically 50% glory by using a T2/3 castle.


What does this mean?


Let’s say I have a friend my level on another team. However my team does better in atlas and has a bunch of castles while my friends team only had 2.

Because of the difference in the “influence rating” between our two teams, I would be penalized for attacking them outside of NML, unless they were visiting one of MY team’s castles.

They add this “influence rating” to try discouraging stronger teams from picking on weaker teams. Even if our player levels were exactly the same, I’d get drastically less glory from my friend if I didn’t attack him or her at either my own castle, a T4 (or T5) castle, or in NML.


Well the idea is dead then. Please close this thread. Thank you :hugs:



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