Is it really necessary to disable atlas pvp for one entire day every two weeks?

It basically means one tenth less of time available and the atlas elite is quite expensive , can’t a different solution be found?

Sure, don’t disable Atlas pvp.

Then when you go to defend a base when under attack on your castle you get an error saying you cannot because they are on a different version than you. They got the upgrade before it got pushed to you, so you are SoL. Yet they can defend your attacks. Better luck next time, you’ll get the upgrade soon we promise. It was sent to both stores, not our fault google/apple hasn’t released it yet.

This is exactly what happened before. Do you really want that back?

Turning pvp off doesn’t stop you from hitting invader for gold and making troops, which is the biggest benefit of Atlas Elite.


uh yes because most runs you wont be able to defend because it will say different versions


But surely they can do it Thursday when the pvp bubbles go up?

That way they still have Friday to trouble shoot any issues.

Bringing bubbles up again seems inefficient.

apple and android have there own dates when they update there is a sch. pocketgems can not say update it this day or that day lol they have to go thru apple and android now for soft updates just a few minor changes they can do during but they also set them selfs up to be able to do that soft update without the stores approval but the game also needs major updates thus is on tuesday

True - but most games use the stores for content updates and do minor bug fixes in game.

I wonder why PG does everything through the store when most other big software houses don’t?

I can name 10 companies that dont push minor updates through the store.

that is because many of the things that they picked was sent to apple and or android and was reviewed already so they are allowed to change things with a soft update they planned the major update right as pocket gems does majors like every few weeks incase changes or errors etc not 100% sure on this so this is my guess


Cheers - that makes sense :slight_smile:

I guess a few of us are obsessed with killing stuff and we are sad pandas today!


yea in 2-3 hours atlas be up and long fights will occure but hope u have a wonderful day!


You too!!!

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So to elaborate on what Fiercenip said.

Most download store updates mean content is changed. Feature added (new dragons) or actual code changes in the application not just minor updates that can be sent quickly.


  • New tower levels - minor update can be pushed just hours before fort
  • Crystal cooldowns - minor update can be pushed quickly as we saw
  • New dragons/riders - major update as adding new code, requires store approval
  • Bug fixes to the game like UI updates, loading issues, etc - major update as code is changed, requires store approval

As what fiercenip said, there is usually a schedule for updates. Sometimes it is weeks-months out. They may narrow down an issue and fix the bug internally, but it doesn’t get put into an update until 1-2 months from now or some long period.

This is why we say PG works at the speed of a fast government. :rofl:



There are a lot of possibilities…

You don’t release new features every two weeks, unless there are major bugs or new features releases can be done monthly or even less often

Defending a base does not require to have exactly the same application, only limited features are used - and perhaps graphical glitches are acceptable as long as you can throw hammers and see something

Following another player can still be forbidden - the risk of not being able to be followed is into the attacker - you don’t attack if you feel unsafe

Couldn’t releases be rolled out during pvp chest hunt? I suppose one can wait half a day to see the season prizes if she cannot update the app

24h?? Seriously so much time for a release to be available in all stores?

24h is the window before PG yells at you that you must update; the game won’t load until you do.

PG makes changes all the time that don’t require an App Store update. But sometimes the app itself has to be updated. I can assure you that, given the architecture, PG does as much as they can outside the app with respect to updates. They can do that almost whenever they want/need, while app updates have a formal approval process.