Is it time for a new event? King of the Hill 2.0?

It’s been awhile since we have added a new pvp event in the rotation, since I miss KOTH.

Doing a next generation king of the hill would be welcomed.

What is everyone’s thoughts on a new pvp event.

  • King of the Hill 2.0
  • Other please describe

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I’ll only agree if the new king of the hill 2.0 doesn’t have the same mechanics like the last one did, we’re the team with the most point has the highest chance on getting the castle :european_castle:

Change that to who ever takes the castle with the most points wins it, not by % chance.

I hate it when a team has 94% on the castle then a small team with like 3% will some magical reason win it. That’s BS :poop:


That’s a terrible idea. You’d create a lot more stagnation if only the top team can win the castle. If you can’t make up the gap to the top team there’s no longer any incentive for any other team to hit.

Far better to slightly change the parameters instead. For example if you’ve killed over 75% you win the castle guaranteed but otherwise any team who has killed over 10% has a chance. There was previously a minimum % you had to kill anyway.


I totally disagree. It was a much misunderstood but very effective mechanism which kept the weaker teams in the league interested in the event. Yes, it was seriously annoying when you failed to win the castle when you felt you should, but occasionally you’d win one you didn’t deserve.

One of the biggest issues with the current events is that if you are a weak team you know you are going to get squished, so why bother?

KoTH was far superior to any of the newer events.


I loved that event but even if it will be returned as it was, built from scratch again, MEGA will kill all fun what was in it.


That’s there fault for being weak, no one else’s.

If there in the same league as other teams then honestly, they should be par* with each other.

It’s PvP not weak PvP, of course the bigger teams will be more strategic & coordinated then those teams that are not. It’s a team effort :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s just me tho…

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Yes but you say weak. What’s probably more accurate is they’re not big spenders. These days pvps can’t be won without spending in higher leagues anyway.

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The only thing I didn’t like about KOTH was the barriers. Otherwise, still my favorite PvP of all time.

I only got to do it one time, but I liked the event with the storm that went around (don’t remember what it was called). Then we could challenge guardians, but could only use that tier’s dragons. It was a great idea making the game more exciting for us small fries.

I don’t know what king of the hill was, so I won’t vote for or against, but I would like to see an event that actually encourages teamwork and skilled flying, as opposed to just being a high level and spending money on IF and mega coins.

Actually what you were describing was teams knowing the rule and working hard to guarantee a chance of winning forts.

Often this was smaller less spendy teams playing smarter to maximise their possible scores. Personally teams working within the restraint of the rules to maximise their scoring is something I think we should encourage rather than team A has killed 40% no way we can kill more so we should leave it to them to finish it off.

Creating more nuance to events is usually a good thing IMO.

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why is that even an issue, again?

this is a war game, yes? the stronger should be pouncing down the weaker.


Well, some events are more enjoyable for smaller teams - in KOTH the smaller teams could make a living at the bottom of the heap while the bigs were duking it out at the top. Fight pits and Gauntlet have a similar segregation by strength. Kingdom wars - while I enjoy it overall - if you are the 25th ranked team stuck between two top 5 teams, you are going to have a miserable event.


I liked Team Gauntlet for this reason, as well. Even though I’m small, I was able to grind it out and contribute to the team’s overall score. It would be nice if all events allowed for this.

OP never mentioned anything about KW, but i do pity that team whenever i see them.

trying to raise voice for a better event is fine. i don’t have anything against that.

what i disagreed with is that people are calling a stronger team winning easily against a weaker team an issue… in a war game event. :man_facepalming:t2:

That’s temple raid, and don’t worry it tends to come back every 8 weeks.

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The problem with revamping an old event is they tend to really mess it up. I really liked KoTH and I’d love for it to come back, but I imagine if they revamped it they’d probably do something to mess it up.


Can I vote KOTH 2.0 like a thousand times?

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This would be great, but the mega coin will ruin it.

I wish the mega coin didn’t exist, or at least had the cost AND effectiveness halved, but its all about $ I suppose.

I think it will still work. Can’t be worse than pit fights tbh.

Anything!! just retire Kingdom Wars :rofl::rofl:

The mega coin was created because of how many things there are to do in atlas + main gain compared to originally. Between gold runs, training troops, quests and pvp runs, and team interaction: players don’t all have the fine for basic/supers sadly. I don’t fully agree with it, but I understand why the change was necessary to make. Time is everything, and it was created to cut back on the time it takes to play the game.

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