Is it time for a new higher tier league?


That’s assuming the amount fo sandbagging teams don’t change. And how do you know it wont change? How many more leagues do you want to add just to do it?

What if more teams start sandbagging and your new league is just filled like what you saying now


I’m curious, is the desire for more/higher leagues or for mechanisms that better reward time (grinding)?


So glad I brought my idea to the forum.

Where everyone wants everything to stay the same unless it directly benefits themselves or there team.


What I’d really like to see is personal prizes scaled according to league as priority 1 and sub league team prizes scaled as priority 2. Hopefully this is implemented.


Like everyone else has already illustrated, you’re basically just wanting to create an extra top layer with all the same ingredients as the layer that came before it which makes it no different than the previous top layer.

This reeks of “I can’t get into Diamond, so if we push all the Diamond teams higher there will be room for me” without realizing that all you’ve done is make New League the new Diamond and you’re still stuck in essentially whatever Sapphire/Platinum league you were already in.


Lol why do you only think positive on your own ideas. I’m saying your idea doesnt work. Nothing to do with benefits, lol.


No one is advocating for things to stay the same. You’re the one literally advocating for creating the exact same top tier all over again.


Read mech’s post above. Your idea = raise prizes for everyone. Nothing to do with adding a league.


There are other changes you can suggest Max.

  • Including more teams in each league starting with D2 and below
  • Increase the prizes seen by teams in all leagues
  • Distinguish sub leagues by different event prizes

The change just needs to be a bigger change than re-naming the leagues, the overall hierarchy and reward system is what you are calling into question here and i think that you need to communicate your final desires better to give PG a better understanding of what actually needs to change.


Lol he said “yeah sure lets just all get better prizes with no extra effort”


I think a lot of people in this thread might not be considering the fact that player levels are getting higher and higher in lower leagues. When there is no room for the top to move up, there’s not much room for anyone else to move up. We are hitting expensive points in progression but still getting low league and event rewards.


That’s still just basically adding a layer of cake on top and moving everyone up to the next layer. Empties out the bottom a bit more but to what end? Like everyone else has said that’s basically just advocating for better rewards throughout the league pyramid.


Then what is your solution? Inflate the leagues up at the top to include more teams?


I think his proposal is mainly for players to have access to higher rewards, so instead of adding new leagues it would make more sense to propose an increase of team-rank rewards for each league.


But how will adding more leagues at the top fix this? Won’t there always be a top where people can never move up?


Yes. Back in the day, I was in the 70’s in platinum, I was in the top 75 percentile of levels on my team, and we were competetive - not a dominant force, but not a punching bag.

Here I am now, level 203, I am in the top 75 percentile of levels on my team, we are about to be forcefully removed from Sapphire (back to Platinum) where we will again be competitive - not dominant but not punching bags.

I know there was a major restructure, but for a the non-sandbagging teams, where your team belonged a year ago is roughly where it belongs now, even though our individual levels have increased. And as we all know, nothing has scaled up with our levels besides costs.


That is what me and Grumpy said in trying to understand, but he clearly objected in his sarcasm above in response to my post. So I’m not sure


That sounds like what’s supposed to happen? Everyone is levelling up so over time the average levels in each league increases. :man_shrugging:


Basically OP put zero thought into it and just smashed his face on the keyboard and this came out.


Problem: sandbagging players
Solution: scaled personal rewards by subleague

Problem: costs increasing
Solution: scaled drops by level (including chest contents); global increase in personal and team rewards

Problem: sapphire and above breeding walls
Solution: N-1