Is it time for a new higher tier league?


A lot of games add new leagues to the top once things get stagnant. It is a common practice. Change rewards around, league restructuring, adding new leagues…whatever idc, I just recognize the problem which the OP is trying to find a solution to.


Right - I agree we should all essentially land in the same relative level. However, if the progression continues without expansion somewhere, eventually the average level per league will be so high that people will be playing a year or more stuck in silver or bronze.


Widening the pyramid at all levels is another potential solution.


Just because it’s a common practice doesn’t mean it’s smart. :woman_shrugging:


Is actually smart depending on the type of game, on this one not so much, but in games like LoL they added 2 tiers after D1, master and challenger. This was due to a huge overflowing of competition in d1 because they were good enough to be high diamond but they still weren’t good enough to be playing vs the best players, so by adding 2 more tiers they allowed the better players to move up while the others couldn’t. This made the matches much more balanced.

War dragons is more of a time base game and there wont be an overflow of competition due to the nature of the game.


Op there again, this was just a thought, hence the question is it time

Everyone is assuming I have some hidden agenda to get more stuff or to have an easy way up. It’s seriously just a question, obviously a thought provoking one considering the response.

I don’t have the answers, I don’t assume to have them either just simply asked a question


we all have a hidden agenda to get more stuff… I think you have the right intentions, just not the right approach.


I read @TheRedDelilah’s personal event scaling proposal about six weeks ago. I’ve had some time to think about it, and I believe it would probably not significantly decrease sandbagging and would make things worse for high-performing noobs, who are already facing an insane uphill battle.

To expand upon that, there are a lot of reasons for high-levels to be in low-level leagues. I think this proposal will make the ones with the most selfish reasons for being there leave, but that isn’t the majority, and all high levels in low leagues unbalance competitions.

To illustrate this, let’s enumerate on the reasons for high levels in low leagues:

  1. Jackasses who want easy prizes. (classic sandbaggers)

  2. Ex high-leaguers who are tired of diamond/sapphire for various reasons, and want “gentle retirement.” (You may or may not perceive a difference between these guys and type 1. I’d say one distinguishing feature could be the effort they expend; if they are trying hard to take #1 in events, then they aren’t really gentle retirees. Of course, with breeding/fort, they still score massive points for their team even without that much effort.)

  3. High-levels playing with low-level friends or family. (Again, if they Really Want To Help Their Family, they are not very easily distinguishable from type 1, because that means making everyone who doesn’t have a magical fairy godfather lose.)

  4. People who aren’t very competitive and don’t care very much about wars and don’t maintain a full team, but who have been around long enough that they’re pushing 200 in gold league or 300 in plat.

  5. Reformed teams on their way up. You have a 30-50% chance of facing them any given week at the bottom of gold right now, higher odds in silver.

Achievement caps on personal rewards per league helps deter type 1 from hanging around low leagues. It’s unlikely to help much against 2-5, who–while they might be nice people–still tend to ruin low level competitions just by being there. It will definitely hurt high-performing noobs, with the result that we’ll spend more time in low leagues, getting beat up by types 2-5.


  1. Impose achievement caps specifically on players who are overleveled for the league, based on some fixed or statistically determined bar. If you want to target sandbaggers, it’s easy to just target sandbaggers, not high-performing noobs.


  1. Create a veteran’s pool for low leagues and put teams with overleveled players in it for events to compete against each other, so they can stay low league for whatever reason without ruining competitions for low-levels in low leagues.


I think it would be nice to see a diamond 3


Because Tungsten Carbide League!!! What more reason do we need than that?


I don’t have anything to really add except that when you “changed” the names to something more “familiar” you didn’t really change the names but just removed a tier. With the addition of your ruby tier there were 9 leagues…all you did was reduce it to 8. Although your point still stands. Effectively all you’d be doing is adding another platinum tier


Not Ruby! Tungsten Carbide!


Think he was just showing that it is what we already have


I like crayons :rofl:


His point was nothing is really changing in the long term by just adding a league. So yes lol

Unless, you know. Giving cheaters a league of their own. It’ll be fun to watch


Think my crayon skills are good enough for CF? :exploding_head:


Beat that



You got my vote, if I had a vote.

Yes, this has gone off the rails, much like adding a new league to have the same league structure we have now is completely off the rails, so :man_shrugging:




I think each Month the top 4 team from each league should battle in a bracket 1 against 4, 2 against 3. then the winners of those have a war and the winner is declared the grandpoobah champion of their league (Diamond, Sapphire, etc.). For that whole month they get an additional amount of daily breading tokens.