Is it time for a proper boycott?

I usually snicker and laugh at people who suggest boycotts because it takes a significant number of people to ACTUALLY stop spending, not just complain and continue to spend anyway.

These recent changes show that PG has absolutely no idea what they are doing with the “rebalance”. Perhaps there is only one method to get them to listen to reason? With the current satisfaction level of players, I think the time may be now to show them we are serious.

Who’s in?


If Dreadnought/other top diamond teams are in then I’m in. Without those teams, this won’t be successful.


I’m not buying anymore until they figure out this mess they created.


I will not spend another penny until the once highly anticipated and focused towers (Dark flak, fire flak, and fire turrets) have been fixed. The towers are not in accordance with previous or the published charts. I understand the charts are not intended to be exact. As @Warlord showed in his post the attacks aren’t correct there either. I know this to be true because those screenshots in his post were taken by me from my base. Additionally, the adjustments on the farms and mills was over adjusted. HP of a lvl 50 was moved down from 6.7 million to 3.5 million and the lvl 60 from 29 million to 4.5 million. The adjustment on farms allows dragons 4 tier from the top to destroy max buildings without use of back up or some without extra attached spells.


In a perfect world there would be no building when fort starts.

But… yea.


It works only if enough people hold the line.

I am willing to do nothing this whole event.

Although, what is one week? We will make a statement, but it needs to be more like a season (quarter) of drastically reduced spending. Anything less than this will not impact any reports the investors/owners see.


I will not spend any money but I will build with what I have. Dark flak will not be upgraded due to this mess


I dont spend but I can do the no build thing this event. Just tell me a plan.


Spread this link however you care to do so.

If we can get the top teams to agree and be confident enough that they will honor each other, I think we can do either no spending or just ignore the event. I can either spend nothing or do nothing completely. I just don’t want to hurt my team.

Most of us have been playing a long time. One fortification event will not kill us. And, if we all get zero points, we’ll all be tied for first place. :+1:


I hardly ever payed for anything else than elite, I don’t expect to give money now. It’s been almost a year since I made myself a promise not to spend til an old wrong was righted. It never was. I’m the kind of person that can forgive easily but also could hold grudges for a long period…


Well? What do you want to see changing before you would pay again?

Please don’t write novels!! One sentence only.

Just start compiling a list of what you’d like to see change in to restore order in the WD community.

F—k pg no $ form me


^ like this one. Before you boycott something, the least you can do is suggest what value you want to see on Dark Flak. Someone already gave the value of before and after the update so use that to make a suggestion.

How much damage should it have after level 40?
How much damage its supershot deal after level 40?

PG can randomly adjust it and people would still complain. Suggest a number of how much damage it deals because pretty much everyone hates the damage output the flaks are doing now.


Use the values they have been being used in Atlas.

:joy: im quitting once my team has a replacement! I wasnt spending much anyways… I have to say it’s too late imo. I’ll still keep tabs on this game in case PG makes it how I and the entire playerbase want it to be, but we all know that will never happen. Meanwhile, I’m now playing Dragon Project and have spent over $50 already. I’ve been playing for a little over a week and i just reached level 101 and have max top tier weapons. My name there is TrueOne if you want to add me as a friend! :+1:

For those that still think there is hope :facepunch: I envy you. I wish i could keep the fire burning and play like nothing’s wrong but i just started breeding Emerald dragons and i just couldnt take it anymore. Peace :v:



@PRINCESSDREAD do you think your team can get behind this so PG will actually take notice?

Or @Panda.

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It’s absolutely ridiculous when people have spent so much money to level up their defense towers. Those 50 plus days of timers per upgrade is no joke.
What I want from this boycott is for PG to not break what’s working. They should roll back this update till they understand that there are other things they should be fixing.

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Again… please don’t write pages of issues, it’s not helping.

If you post a problem you need to give a solution.


When the solution is fixing something in their process or code, that’s not something we can propose a solution for :see_no_evil: