Is it true, is the Festive a Hunter?


I was watching Odin’s new video showcasing the next Festive dragon which he says is:
A Hunter called:

He also says not to get the Festive and should focus on Hilder instead?

What does everyone think?
Here is his video:


Oh gosh, you basically re-opened a thread that was closed by PG. Hopefully you don’t get into trouble…


Yeah I searched for Festive Hunter and the dragons name and nothing came up.
I guess they can close it?
I didn’t know just got on today…

It would be cool if they let it ride and let us debate this topic



It’s literally right there in General discussion

Plus do you really think they’re going to allow discussion of leaked information?


this is good this keeps getting shown though; hopefully its not to late for them to change that spell set.


No. No they will not.


I’m thinking if it’s actually true and the community thinks it’s crap, they could use the feedback to fix the dragon. But who knows it may not even be official and could change according to Odin.


As @Arelyna mentioned in the last thread:

Since folks are asking: GPF have been flying this Dragon for quite some time now, and we’ll be finalizing the Dragon’s spellset with them.

The Festive releases in two weeks, and we’ll be previewing the Dragon next week on stream. Until then, let’s hold off on the speculation. :slight_smile: