Is it worth getting Portia just for rider missions?


Level 1 Portia doesn’t have enough combat level to do missions though. How many shards in total is required to get her past 1000 combat level? :thinking:


season rider get 50 per level so level 20 or you can put gear on
atlas rider get 100 per level


Just get her Legendary / Elite Gear


What skills are the right way to go please?


For the branched skills:

  1. Dragon Attack/ HP (make a choice, do only one)
  2. Pick any one resist, but, imo, dark flak and fire flak are the more useful ones- they deal more damage. This skill only buffs dragons that already have such resists, btw, they do not provide an extra resist.
  3. Dragon Attack/ HP (again, make your own choice.)

Dragon Attack vs HP:
If your preference is hunters, go for attack. Otherwise, if you’d like to hit bigger bases, go for attack, if you want more…safety? in your attacks, if you think about it that way, go for HP.

Either way you go, if you have Atlas, gear can make up the differences of a few percent.


To add to what Orca said, here’s mine since I last posted. It’s 6 legendary and two epic now.


Ok thanks. These riders confuse me. :grimacing:


Thanks Obliterkate I would have gone down the garden path! Appreciate it


I did a video on this… and yes I feel like it is because tokens make it where i can use low grade riders on low level dragons for missions and not lose my better dragons for 12 hrs! Not too mention I added a few gear items and it made low level dragons better in the new event Temple Raid!


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