Is it worth it to buy sigils to get Chelonoth's Mythic Glyph?

I can make it to Chelonoth’s Garnet evolution stone by season’s end, but am considering dropping money to buy sigils to get 8400 sigils to jump 3 more rows to Harbinger Evolution stone. More importantly, this gets the Mythic Glyph of Wind’s Song (+8% Warrior Attack, +1second Rampage).

So the question is, is this a worthwhile exercise? I’ve heard that above level 100 Warriors aren’t that useful. But then again, that’s still about over 60 levels of fun with the Glyph’s boosts.

Anyone who’s gotten the glyphs care to weigh in?

I personally would not. If it was a hunter Glyph it would be very tempting though. But next season there will always be a better dragon and with that a mythic Glyph of it’s own. Save up your rubies so you dont need to drop big cash, unless of course you have the cash to burn haha

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I can’t speak specifically on this dragon. I do have it, but I never fly it. That being said:

I think the mythic glyph is definitely worth getting. I don’t know what it will cost for you, but generally any dragon you enjoy flying will be better with its kitted mythic glyph.

As far as what stone you should stop at, i think that depends on what tier you are in, if you are going for a key, etc.

Ultimately I think it comes down to your value of money and your value of the dragon. Just based on the tone you used I would say it’s probably worth it for you, but I’m making assumptions based on words you used.


So 40k Rubies about (minus whatever gold chests are in a pack) you’ll need. So $100 for a glyph that is for a dragon that you’ll outgrow sooner than you probably think. To me not worth it, unless you are wealthy. I won’t judge, those are generally the best glyphs to acquire (a la the hunter seasonal mythics).

If you do get it, you might want to wait and be sure PG implements a rune removal system before you equip it, though.


I definitely would not waste money on a legendary warrior who, from what I hear, is average at best. You will quickly grow out of warriors as bases become more challenging and defenders become more active. As for the glyph for use on other dragons, I honestly wouldn’t spend that much money on a glyph that you probably won’t use for a very long time, if ever (assuming you wouldn’t put it on Chel).

Ultimately it is up to you, if you’re rich then go for it. But if you’d be making a financial sacrifice, I wouldn’t use it on this.

I wouldnt. The glyph isnt anything particularly amazing. Rampage is a garbage spell and the glyph only increases the duration by a very small amount. Unless you were putting it on meglok or another mythic warrior for the atk boost I wouldnt even level the rune up.

Chel is good at lower tiers but he won’t take a good higher tier base when defended.

I suggest u save your money and rubies gold chests for discount week and get a new dragon from start to finish

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Definitely save your rubies for next season, neither Chelonoth nor the glyph are worth it. Better use those rubies to get a head start on the discount next season.

Definetly his glyph isnt worth it, finishing riders or Namaka would be.
It was suppost to give 8% warrior attack on release as secondary, but after went into a glitched glyph for weeks and then changed.

I just claimed the glyph and placed it on Chel. Don’t bother wasting your money or Rubies to get it.
I only wish I had timed the rampage duration and cool down before and after. I have a gut feeling it has added an extra second to the cool down instead of the duration.
Hopefully someone can confirm I’m wrong with video proof.

Only the text description was glitched. The actual effect always provided warrior attack.

It is not worth buying anything right now except maybe the elites.

Do what makes you happy. I have no regret putting them on Haku.


No! Never buy anything in this game!

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That can be easily verified (say time it on an XP/RSS farm). Without any boosts, Rampage should last 4.5 seconds. The mythic glyph should make it 5.5 seconds. Plus legendary rune it should be 6 seconds.

So you feel a noticeable difference in adding 1.5s rampage and 12% Warrior Attack?

I’ve just noticed the cool down taking longer. No change to duration. That’s why I asked if someone could time it before adding the glyph. And then again after. Preferably with video evidence.

The extra rampage is noticeable on easier bases. You can get through long island with rampage up the entire time on easy base. I can’t really comment on hard bases though since haku is my cleanup dragon in 3rd position when needed.