Is it worth it to switch from reg WDrag to play WDrag Atlas?

ive been thinking about trying it out but everything ive read so far seems to be negative about it. are their any players out their who already play war dragons in atlas and actually enjoy it? if so what are some of the reasons you should join an atlas team? thanks.

I enjoy it.

But if the “world war” idea gets implemented, that will quickly turn around.

can you explain a little further if you don’t mind? i found a team that has access to it and im trying to decide if i should check it out or not. on one hand cause im curious and think it looks fun on the other bc eventually it will go out to everyone so ill have a leg up on the people who don’t have it yet. everything ive read so far seems negative about it. thanks.

It’s Risk added onto the main game.

You’ll want to keep in mind whether you’re reading about Beta or Atlas. With Atlas, you then need to consider how active, informed, and organized, including alliances, the team is; otherwise, they’re unlikely to enjoy Atlas (same goes for teams getting repeat farmed/trolled). Teams limited to safe zones end up being limited to building troops, using the Invader bases for XP runs, and hitting for glory. There’s some talk in #atlas about making Atlas a bit more friendly to more teams owning territory (75% of Atlas teams from one of PGDave’s posts).

It certainly can’t hurt you. As of right now, if you don’t like it, it’s not mandatory. That may change in the future. I’d say if you have the opportunity, to give it a shot.

Brief summary of things I like/dislike, do with it what you please:

Things I like:

  • An easy xp base that can be attacked over and over with rewards (gold and/or shards). Not to mention the xp boost that Gold Mines provide.
  • Riders. Once leveled up enough with gear, they can add a significant boost to the dragons, and from my experience, actually getting the rider shards is not too difficult.
  • Prizes- extra speed ups can be helpful to help along with hatching dragons, fort event, etc., especially for lower levels.
  • It adds a lot of complexity to the game that is interesting but doesn’t take away from the “main” game at all. Anyone bored of the routinely cycles can participate in some new events and learn another huge aspect to the game.
  • Atlas shows you right off the bat what kind of team you have. Well organized teams with dedicated players will always do better than a team the opposite of that. I also like the alliance aspect, being an Officer it keeps things interesting.
  • PG cares a lot about Atlas and improving it for players, which I love (the forums here are a perfect example of that).
    I could list more but that’s the general gist.

Things I dislike:

  • For Officers and the leader, it’s so much work. Not complaining, but there is a lot of time and effort that leadership needs to put into Atlas for it to be rewarding for the team. That on top of wars and events gets tiring.
  • It’s not perfect. As with everything, there are bugs, there are glitches, some of them substantial, but it just retracts from the overall experience.
  • As with everything else in the game, it’s turning into a pay to play part of War Dragons. People who are excelling pay, and it’s pretty obvious.
  • PG might be getting a little overzealous. Referring to the World War feature. But on that one we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.
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thanks a bunch @Ebony your post helped to decide to go with it. as well as @Lx460 thanks guys.

I have always liked the new content, but I understand that is a matter of opinion. Even if you hate all the new content, at the very least, having an invader base for xp gives you a significant advantage over non-atlas teams. The events in the atlas give you a large amount of speed clocks, in addition to other items that are only used in the Atlas.

My team Yautjaprime is looking to replace several inactive members with people who see the Atlas as an advantage and want the opportunity to join an atlas sooner than they would otherwise be able to.

[Yes, we are in Platinum and in the Atlas.
Yautjaprime was one of the 50 original beta teams.]

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