Is it worth speeding up token-missions?

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i have read @mechengg summary on speeding up Tokenmissions (found here e.g. as soon as they cost 30/60/120 Rubies.

But is this realy the most efficient way to exchange Rubies to Tokens?

You can get

  • 20 Tokens for 30 Rubies without any Bonuses.
  • 40 Tokens for 30 Rubies with Elite
  • 80 Tokens for 30 Rubies with Elite and 100% Missionbooster

This leads me to ~ 1k Tokens for 400 Rubies (cost of a Goldchest bought in batch of 10) with elite and Missionbooster.

I have only opened some Goldchests (180) during the last PVP-Events and got 28k Tokens and 44 myth. frag. out of it. I am not sure how the statistic looks when they are opened e.g. during breeding / fortification events, but i guess they would only look better (not worse).

Calculating with 250 (at least, for legendary Golds its 400) tokens per myth. frag, i got around 39k Tokens from 180 Chests, which leads to 216 tokens (250 for legendary Golds) in average per chest (400 Rubies).

Since i am only lvl 114, i dont have the perpestive of the very lategame and dont know how important tokens are, or how unimportant everything else you get from goldchests is. BUT in my opinion going for goldchests instead of speeding up the missions is the better way to go

  1. Its much easier / requires less activity
  2. Summing up all the contents of the goldchests, it might only be more efficient if you have an elite and the 100% mission booster. This does not include the points (and therefor tokens, rubies etc) you get for this “unneeded” stuff during the event weekends and their rewards. Taking all this into account would make a horrific statistic, which i am not able to create.

So, how do you think? Are tokens that much worth?

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Gold chests are always RNG, the breakdown goes…

  • No bonuses = beat an average of 2,667 Egg Tokens from 10 Gold Chests
  • Only Elite or Only Boost = beat an average of 5,333 Egg Tokens from 10 Gold Chests
  • Elite and Boost = beat an average of 10,667 Egg Tokens from 10 Gold Chests

Beating an average of 10,667 is extremely unlikely for me, so I tend to speed up missions, unless I’m feeling lazy or had a stockpile of gold chests. No bonuses, you’re likely better of with opening Gold Chests. Only Elite or Only Boost is in the middle ground but still leans towards getting lucky.

Math breakdown is below in the same order as above:

  • 20/30*4000
  • 40/30*4000
  • 80/30*4000

Look at one of Red Delilah’s or Superman’s breeding paths and you’ll see how many tokens you’ll need once you hit Sapphire. I don’t use rubies to speed token missions but I go directly for the token boost in the season once it’s released and grind out egg missions missing very few beyond the four hours a night that I sleep. I usually have no problem getting to the 450 sigil prize in breeding events as a non-spender beyond elite.

This past one I made it to the 500 but only bred Jul and most of chompa. Yeah, now I don’t even need chompa and I got Jul earlier than suggested just because I wanted to raise my divines to lvl 40. I will probably regret the Icicle 3 path (with modifications in dragon order) but for now it made me happy.

Tokens are pretty valuable and guess it depends whether you want to spend / grind. As I type this I see Science has already responded so I will end it here. :slight_smile:

I bounced around between paths (AA & Icicle 3) and I actually think I got the best result out of it. I had level 50 rss buildings by 210 because of the extra eggs

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Thank you guys for your feedback.

The question is, looking at the costs of saphire => obsidian (3.5 - 4 Million) you realy need a lot of tokens. But you also need a lot of time (25-30 breeds, each taking 3+ weeks, leads to more than 2 years of breeding). Will it realy be necessary to go for Tokenmission Speedups, or will the time be the limiting factor and not the tokens? (i think you can get around 1 Mil Tokens per year, at least that is what i think i got from my start in January this year, till now).

I just passed my anniversary back in October and I only just bred Jul at 180. I’m in it for the long haul but would be shocked to get to obsidian. It’s a marathon for me, not a sprint so I guess I have different milestones (450 sigil prize every event), which even that has been adjusted with the whole mega coin debacle. I would think time will be a limiting factor unless you spend (significantly) as it should, don’t you think?

I’m only at platinum and I faithfully follow red’s breeding path, never straying away. I’ve been able to accumulate 100k in tokens and 60-90 frags but never using all of my tokens. This last breeding event left me with a lot more extra than normally because I never end breeding with more than 3k in token. Anyways I have never paid rubies for tokens I personally agree you get enough from gold chest but like I said I am only platinum so I haven’t had an issue but at the same point you can only breed so many drags at one time as you get higher up because you need one drag leveled to get the next also building issues. Your level needs to be so high in order to get the next set of drags. My opinion might change as I go into Sapphire but for now I say stick with gold chest.

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Yes is the short answer. I constantly speed the first two when i have the season bonus…

Also discussed here:

So do you really not think that a 5x bonus of tokens isn’t a big deal?
Tokens are a huge bottleneck which you have obviously not reached yet.

When you reach sapphire tier you will come around and evaluate the 5x
factor and come to appreciate it :slight_smile:


I have just bred my first saphire and (with the problem of not having enough legendaray plat dragons) i have to wait and spend tokens on research or backbreed some.

I never said i was right or wrong, just wanted to have a talk about this with (all of) you.

Do you get 8 times the eggs when you have elite + 100% Bonus + Breeding event? With that in mind, i totaly agree! i could (if i was completely insane) get 370k tokens for all the rubies i collected over the season :D… (but how would fly 2000 flights during 2-3 events ^^?)

100% bonus doesn’t stack with event bonus unfortunately.

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@Deyco forScience is right. You should be able to get almost 11k tokens from missions when spending 4k rubies while my personal average from 10 gold chests for 4k rubies is around 3k - 3,5k (including mystic frags).

The only reason I get chests is because I don’t have unlimited time to farm missions.



This was my result from last weekend’s breeding event. Not my best, but I did alright considering family obligations.

5k rubies
22k tokens.


She grinded out missions over a few days. I think this includes our daily league tokens but overall it’s around a 2.7:1 ratio for strictly grinding.

If you were to do a bit of grinding on a daily basis it makes it much easier to manage. Do 1 hour a day (approx 3k tokens) and you end up with an extra 20k per week from it :slight_smile:


:+1: cool I’ll start that next season. I’ve never actually gone for the token boost before so it’ll be a first for me

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